Speak better, Step up star
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Speak confidently, anytime!

Be a star in every discussion. Inspire those around you.
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Learn & develop holistically

Get better at comprehension and participate actively.
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Get set for the future!

Effective communication is the ticket to lifelong success.
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Think & speak fluently

Don’t translate from mother tongue. Speak intuitively.

Here’s how your child will progress

Step in, learn and of course, have a lot of fun!
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Begin at your current level
Kickstart and get evaluated
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Progress fast, level up
Improve with each class
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Go beyond & be a star
All set for debates and elocutions
Speak effectively and get more
star imgOver 3000 words in every lesson
star imgPerfect pronunciation
star imgPerfect sentence structure
star imgConfident conversations
Get highly interactive, super fun, immersive classes
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Small group classes to ensure personal attention
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Constant interactions with the teacher and fellow students

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Students start at a level based on their current speaking skills. We evaluate each student to determine the starting point.
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Meet your child’s Spoken English coach

All teachers are trained and reviewed by master teachers from the UK
Zeba Khan - Vedantu Super Speaker teacher
Zeba Khan
M.A in English, Pursuing Ph.D., 5 years+ Experience
My aim as an educator is to encourage creativity and higher-order thinking in a way that increases student performance.
Aashna Muhammadali - Vedantu Super Speaker teacher
Aashna Muhammadali
M.A in English Language and Literature
As a teacher by choice, I believe to have the significant responsibility to promote the quality of education for the upcoming generations.
Jennifer Vincent - Vedantu Super Speaker teacher
Jennifer Vincent
M. A in English (Specialization in American Literature)
My objective of teaching is to utilise my passion for children’s overall development and make them confident speakers of tomorrow.
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