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    Phonics-Based Reading Classes for Kids Aged 4-6

    See your child read independently
    Limited spots available
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    SuperReaders Program will be life changing for your kid
    Ever wondered why the phonics way is better?
    Phonics focuses on letter sounds not just letter names.
    With 42 sounds, children get the tools to read almost any word.
    There is no longer a need to memorise words or spellings.
    Reverse your roles
    Let your child read out stories to you.
    And watch them go beyond stories too.
    Read independently, but
    don’t stop there
    Gain confidence
    Improve vocabulary
    Ace spellings
    Speak effectively
    Every class is a fun-filled experience with
    Stories and songs
    Interactive tasks
    Sounds through actions
    Games and rewards

    Choose a pack and begin an amazing journey

    Introduction To Reading
    8 Classes
    What will your kid learn?
    First 7 out of 42 basic sounds
    7 children’s stories
    625 per Class
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    First Steps in Reading
    24 Classes
    What will your kid learn?
    First 21 out of 42 basic sounds
    21 children’s stories
    500 per Class
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    Build Comfort with Reading
    48 Classes
    What will your kid learn?
    42 out of 42 basic sounds
    41 children’s stories
    Basic comprehension
    375 per Class
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    Independent Reading
    72 Classes
    What will your kid learn?
    All 42 basic sounds
    15-22 advanced phonics sounds
    65 stories, 5 themed projects
    Advanced comprehension
    360 per Class
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    Get a full refund if you are not happy with our courses. No questions asked.
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    Our storytellers will soon become your child’s
    best friend!

    Priyadarshani Munjely
    B.A in Psychology with 5+ years of experience
    I believe in instilling independent thinking in students. It's fascinating to see how children can rethink, reimagine, and recreate everything they learn with the help of sounds.
    Deepti Mishra
    B.A English Honours, D.El.Ed with 4+ years of experience
    As a teacher, I want to instill the belief in my students that they can easily read and at the same time make them realise that learning English language is fun.
    Kavita A
    B.El.Ed and M.Ed with 5+ years of experience
    What I love the most about teaching is being close to my students. I greatly enjoy the entire teaching-learning process, where both the teacher and the student learn from each other.
    These are just some of our 100+ passionate teachers
    Why do parents and students love Vedantu SuperReaders?
    At first, I was skeptical to take online classes for my son, but now, I'm very happy that I made this decision. Thank you Vedantu for improving his communication skills.
    - Puneeth’s mother
    Kyaraa is a very interactive child. During the lockdown due to the pandemic, Vedantu online classes helped her to interact and learn new things.
    - Kyaraa's mother
    Happy parents and kids
    hours of fun learning delivered
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    A child who reads will be an adult who thinks
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    Vedantu SuperReaders is an incredibly personalized program where we teach children how to read independently and with comprehension using the phonics technique. We cater to kids between the ages of 4-6. Our curriculum is designed by some of the top language experts from all over the world.
    Where will the classes take place?
    You can take these classes from anywhere as per your convenience. A laptop or desktop with good internet connection for facilitating Live classes is required.
    How frequent are these classes?
    Our recommendation is of 2 classes per week, so that the child gets ample amount of time to absorb and practice learnings. However, it is completely up to you on how you want to pace these and you may choose to have more or less number of classes per week.
    What is the cancellation/refund policy?
    You can cancel the subscription anytime. We have no questions asked, refund policy. There are zero cancellation charges and you only pay for the classes that you have attended.
    What happens if I miss a class?
    There is no fixed schedule for these classes and you can schedule these as per your convenience. If you are going on vacation, simply do not schedule a class for the period. Thus, there are no missed classes.
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