King Ring

The story tells the tale of a wise king who sways a gang of robbers to mend their ways.

Long ago, there lived a king who was called King Ring because he wore many rings and chains. King Ring was very kind and generous to his people and he always gifted away his rings and chains to any needy person who visited his castle.

King Ring also loved songs and he himself sang very well (a melodious singer). He would also create music with his chains clanging as he sang beautiful songs. Every evening his palace would brighten up with songs and music. The king would sit on a swing and enjoy as he sung -/ng/ /ng/ I love to sing,/ng/ /ng/ My name is King Ring.

Many stories of the king's rings and chains spread far and wide. A gang of robbers heard about the (generous) kind King Ring. They thought of a plan to steal some rings from the king.

The gang reached the palace dressed up as poor beggars. They lied that their family lived in a far off village and nobody there had food to eat or clothes to wear. The greedy gang of robbers thought that the king would give them a ring each. King Ring was generous but not foolish.

The king then made an announcement. He said he would take care of the food and clothes that were needed by their whole family but he did not give a single ring to any member of the gang. In fact the king decided to punish them. The gang had to carry pots of food and bundles of clothes from the palace and distribute it to all the needy people in the kingdom. That’s when they saw what actual hunger and poverty(not having money/poor) was and felt ashamed for being so greedy.

The gang of robbers stopped robbing and earned a living by singing. One day the king invited them to the palace to sing. He was happy that the greedy robbers had turned into honest singers so he gifted each one of them a beautiful ring. The robbers learnt a lesson that greed never pays and lived a happy honest life thereafter.

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