Iggy the Iguana

A heartwarming story of an iguana who overcomes all barriers to save his friend Isabel.

Little Iggy lived on Ipsy beach with his Daddy iguana and Mamma iguana.

All his friends could talk but little Iggy just couldn’t until one bright stormy day …. Little Iggy went for a swimming lesson with Daddy and Mamma iguana. Iggy was indeed turning out to be the best swimmer in the whole of Ipsy beach. Iggy’s swimming skills were excellent indeed!

Do you know what an iguana really looks like? Look! here is a picture of Iggy, the iguana. What colour is he? Is he red or blue? Yes, it is pink, hmmm, red, blue and grey.

Daddy and Mamma iguana were overjoyed with Iggy’s swimming skills, but deep inside they were very worried about Iggy just not being able to talk, not even a single word. He couldn’t even say, “Mamma!”

However, Mamma iguana continued to talk and read to little Iggy.

One day, when Mamma iguana was showing Iggy the picture of an igloo, his friend Isabel, the turtle, came and called him for a swim.

Little Iggy went for a swim with his friend, Isabel.

They were happily swimming at sea when suddenly, the calm sunny weather turned stormy. The calm waves turned choppy.

Isabel was thrown deep into the sea and little Iggy swam full speed towards his friend. Isabel screamed for help. Little Iggy wanted to assure Isabel and call out to him, but he couldn’t. Little Iggy couldn’t utter a single word. He felt helpless, but he continued swimming full towards Isabel hoping that he would look into his direction just once.

As Iggy inched closer and closer to Isabel, he noticed a huge fishing net right next to Isabel. “I have to warn my friend about the fishing net! But how,” thought little Iggy.

One last time little Iggy opened his mouth and tried to call his friend, Isabel, with all his might, “/i/ /i/ /i/ /i/ /i/, Isabel …..”

He was just in time. Isabel turned and looked at him in surprise. Little Iggy pointed to the fishing net and said, “/i/ /i/ /i/ /i/ /i/, careful Isabel!” Isabel saw the fishing net and quickly pulled away from it. The rough sea had become calmer by then and Iggy helped Isabel safely get back to the shore.

As they safely reached the shore, they saw Mamma and Daddy iguana waiting for them anxiously. Iggy and Isabel ran and hugged Mamma iguana.

Isabel looked at Iggy and his parents happily asked Iggy to repeat what he said at the sea.

Iggy smiled and opened his mouth and said, “/i/ /i/ /i/./i/ /i/ !”

With tears of joy in her eyes, Mamma iguana said, “Oh dear! Iggy, can you say Mamma?” Daddy iguana and Isabel cheered Iggy, “Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Little Iggy looked at Mamma Iguana, opened his mouth and said, “Mamma!”

Little Iggy looked at Mamma Iguana, opened his mouth and said, “Mamma!”

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