Reading Courses
4-6 years

LIVE Online

English Reading, Comprehension Classes
from Language and Reading Experts

For 4–6 Years Old

Developed by Certified Teachers & Language Experts
from Canada, USA & Ireland

Our Promise

Your Child will Read Early, Fluently,
Independently & with Comprehension

Reading Independently & with Comprehension

Foundational Academic Ability

For all school-based learning

Strong Enabler

For achieving success in all spheres of life

Critical Thinking

Well-established relationship between
reading comprehension & critical thinking,
referencing prior knowledge & metacognitive skills
(Limbach & Waugh, 2010, Zabit, 2010)

Why Vedantu Superreaders?

Why Vedantu Superreaders?

Best Teachers

Rigorous 4-step recruitment &
2-months long intensive training of teachers ensures that your child learns from the best teachers

Adaptive Teaching

Delivering customized learning based on the student's learning pace

World Class Curriculum and Innovative Pedagogy

Developed by educators licensed & trained in Canada, USA and UK

LIVE & Interactive

2-way interaction between student and teacher, better than recorded videos

How it Works?

Book a free SuperReaders trial session with us. All you need to attend the session is a PC/laptop with speakers/headphones-mic & good internet connectivity.

Our team will reach out to you
to schedule your free trial session.

One of our Super Teachers will take
a 45-min session with your child.

If you like the session, you can buy
one of our customized packages:
Step into Reading, Independent
Reading or Deep Dive into Reading

We will schedule your child's weekly sessions. We recommend 2 sessions/week. Watch your child learn, grow & excel. We guarantee tangible results that you will be able to see & measure.

OUR Courses

Gliding Readers
4 - 5 Years Old

Read independently sentences or short stories, retell stories in their own words, answer questions about the stories, and spell VC, CVC words and sentences.

Soaring Readers
5 - 6 Years Old

Read independently and with comprehension 6 or more sound words and sentences, retell stories in their own words, answer simple to complex questions about the stories, and spell 3-6 or more sound words and sentences.


We offer three different duration packages for all age groups.

Step into Reading

Rs. 5000 only
8 Sessions

Independent Reading

Rs. 12000 only
24 Sessions

Deep Dive into Reading

Rs. 18000 only
48 Sessions