Introduction to Coding

Introduction to Animations

Introduction to App Development

Introduction to Game Designing

Introduction to App & Game Designing

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Python

Introduction to Data Structures and Functions

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things


Coding Classes for Kids - Introduce your child to the World of Coding

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Coding improves Math & Logical skills by 2 times

Coding enables analytical thinking

Analytical thinking

Analysing different scenarios while developing games and apps
Coding enables design thinking

Design thinking

Imagining a virtual scenario and creating a digital equivalent
Coding enables computational thinking

Computational thinking

Analysing complex problems and solutioning through coding
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  • The Rabbit's Narrow Escape
    Grade 5 • Age 10
    Ishaan developed this cool version of crossy road games and became the only one to develop a game amongst his friends.
  • Planet Quiz
    Grade 6 • Age 11
    Fascinated by the solar system Khusi developed quiz which has now made the solar system her favourite topic.
  • BMI Indicant
    Grade 6 • Age 11
    Obesity being a threat today, Samarth came up with an interesting app to help you calculate your BMI.
* 5,000+ students already registered with us. Are you ready to join them?
* 5,000+ students already registered with us
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Web Design

artificial intelligence tutorial

Artificial Intelligence

python programming tutorial

Python Programming

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Meet Our Educators

Priya Shrivastava in Computer Science with 6 years of experience
Coding is becoming basic literacy in this digital age, and it is significant for kids to understand and utilize the technology around them.
Aakanksha S Nagar in Electronics & Comm. with 4+ years of experience
At Vedantu our motto is Teacher by choice, which has given me an amazing opportunity to interact with students from all over the world. It makes every day special.
Anu Chhabra
MCA, BCA, B.Ed with 14+ years of experience
I believe in the holistic development of my learners and improving their conceptual and logical thinking skills which in turn imparts creativity in them.
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