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RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 6 - Algebraic Expressions and Identities (Ex 6.7) Exercise 6.7

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 6 - Algebraic Expressions and Identities (Ex 6.7) Exercise 6.7 - Free PDF

Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 6 - Algebraic Expressions and Identities Exercise 6.7 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on All Chapter 6 - Algebraic Expressions and Identities Ex 6.7 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma Class 8 Maths to help you to revise complete Syllabus and score more marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other Engineering entrance exams.

All the course materials designed for the class 8 students of mathematics are available on the website of Vedantu. The RD Sharma Solutions include all the chapters of mathematics that the students need to cover before they appear for the final examination. Chapter 6 of RD Sharma Solutions provides the students with a detailed analysis and explanations about the formulation of the various algebraic expressions and identities associated with the variables.

RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 6 - Algebraic Expressions and Identities (Ex 6.7)

The Benefits of Referring to These Books

  • The books contain all the solved equations and solutions to the questions presented in the practice set of the NCERT books.

  • The model question papers will help the students to cover the maximum course content before they appear for the examination.

  • The books are not only designed for the class examinations but also the students who aspire to qualify for the IIT or JEE entrance examinations can also refer to these books.

  • The students can revise all the concepts they have learnt throughout the year and also verify their answers after solving the questions by having a look at the solutions.

  • Solving the algebraic equations properly takes a lot of time and good practice. Solving model question papers will not only help the students to quickly memorise the formulae but also help them to solve the algebraic equations within the prescribed time.

The RD Sharma Solutions have included all the important questions and detailed chapter-wise explanations along with solved examples. Download all the PDF documents right now from the website of Vedantu and consider joining the master classes for even better preparation. You can avail of all these benefits on the website of Vedantu just by registering for free.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 6 - Algebraic Expressions and Identities (Ex 6.7) Exercise 6.7

1. What is the concept associated with the algebraic expressions and their identities?

The subject and concepts of algebra may seem to be quite new at first for the students preparing for class 8 examinations. Since the concepts are very important to learn, chapter 6 that mostly deals with these identities of variables and algebraic expressions, has been introduced by CBSE in the syllables of class 8. According to the rule of algebra, it primarily deals with the variables and constants. The variable is the representation of a particular value and the algebraic identities signify the laws of equality that will be true in the case of the values represented by the variables.

2. How to solve the equations that involve algebraic identities?

Algebra is a very interesting subject to learn. The laws of algebra help us to assume a numerical value and let us solve the entire equation considering the particular value. To solve the algebraic equations, the students need to memorise certain laws and identities of the algebraic expressions that are considered the standard formulae. Solving algebraic equations is very easy if the students can memorise the formulae properly because these identities are considered to be always true. The students need to solve the algebraic equations while applying these formulae.

3. What is the purpose of learning and memorising algebraic identities?

Algebraic identities are considered foundational concepts. The students can solve complicated equations by applying the laws of algebraic identities. If the students want to pursue their higher academics in mathematics, they need to learn these concepts very well. When they will solve the problems of calculus and derivatives, having a good understanding of these formulae will come in handy. The algebraic identities are considered the standard equations that will be valid in the case of all the values of the algebraic variables. These algebraic identities will help the students to calculate and find out the answers to algebra equations.

4. What is the practical usage of algebraic expressions?

The purpose of inventing these algebraic expressions is to find out the value of something which is unknown and cannot be calculated properly without the help of additional information. The algebraic expressions mostly deal with certain variables and the values of these variables are generally assumed. The constants also play a very important role since the values of these constants will always be fixed under any condition. The students need to apply the formulae of algebraic identities and with the help of the estimated numerical values of the variables, they have to find out the answer.

5. How can the students understand the concept of algebraic expressions and identities easily?

There are various reference books that the students can consult in order to understand the foundational concepts of algebra and to acquire the knowledge of how these algebraic identities are formed. One of the most helpful reference books is RD Sharma Solutions. These books provide the students with detailed knowledge of how these algebraic equations and standard formulae are formed. These books are also important to consult as the questions are solved by the expert subject trainers. The best part is that the books are available on the website of Vedantu for free.