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RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 4 - Cube and Cube Roots (Ex 4.2) Exercise 4.2

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 4 - Cube and Cube Roots (Ex 4.2) Exercise 4.2 - Free PDF

Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 5 - Playing with Numbers Exercise 5.3 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on All Chapter 5 - Playing with Numbers Ex 5.3 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma Class 8 Maths to help you to revise complete Syllabus and Score More marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other Engineering entrance exams. You can also register Online for Class 8 Science tuition on to score more marks in CBSE board examination. Students can also download NCERT Solution PDF for all subjects to prepare for their forthcoming exams.

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RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 4 - Cube and Cube Roots (Ex 4.2)

All About Exercise 5.3

We all are very familiar with the numbers and the number system from the day we started learning mathematics as a subject. As we grew up we came to know about various types in it such as whole numbers, natural numbers, real numbers, Integers, positive numbers and negative numbers. We have tried to solve so many questions involving these numbers in every earlier class. It has been so much fun solving the arithmetic operations and equations. Well this is another chapter for your learning with numbers but at a higher level. The name 'Playing with number' very much justifies the subject matter of the Chapter 5 of NCERT Class 8 Mathematics textbook and RD Sharma as well. Here you can learn the various complex and magical methods of finding a solution to problems.

The questions in the NCERT textbooks are very good at making you understand the new methods of solving general questions involving numbers. But as we all know it is never sufficient to rest with only this many questions as the examination comes up with very different and innovative questions. That's why it is always better to be prepared by solving and practicing as many questions as we can from various sources.

RD Sharma is a renowned supplementary mathematics book used by a lot of students of both CBSE and ICSE. The questions published in this book are sufficient for your extra preparation and prepares you thoroughly for the chapter. Though the questions may seem simple, some of the questions are really interesting and require a lot of effort to solve. It can sometimes get lengthy and time consuming if you don't use the proper method. Getting help from a previously solved paper can be beneficial for your time management. The solution provided by Vedantu is a very precise study material designed by taking into consideration the overall situation of any student.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 4 - Cube and Cube Roots (Ex 4.2) Exercise 4.2

1. What is the best way to approach the question of this chapter 'Playing with Numbers ?

The chapter 'Playing with Numbers' is very different from any other chapters of the course. More than your ability to follow the basic rules of mathematical operations it requires more of your aptitude to solve arithmetic problems. As a matter of fact you must take sufficient time to understand the question very correctly and clearly. You can also solve the equations if any on rough and be sure of the answer before jotting down the steps involved in your final answer.

2. I have completed all the questions in NCERT Mathematics textbook chapter 5. How many times must I revise to secure full marks in this subject ?

It is very good to hear that you have attempted all questions of the NCERT Book and succeeded in getting all the answers. But as we all know the key to all time success in mathematics is revision and practice so you must try to solve the questions over and over again. You can also attempt many new questions of the chapter to increase your exposure and learning outcomes. A minimum of two to three times revision is sufficient for your term exams.

3. How much help can I get from the RD Sharma Class 8 Solutions Chapter 5 ?

To be well versed in any type of questions of any chapter you must always solve as many related questions you can find. RD Sharma provides you such an opportunity to make yourself acquainted with every type of question from any concerned chapter. Some of its questions are really up to the mark and you may find trouble in arriving at the exact answer. Solving such hard questions will actually help in the long run. The solutions can definitely help you in such worrisome situations.

4. Is it okay to read the solutions before solving the questions of Exercise 5.3 by myself ?

Mathematics is a subject of practice, practice and practice. It is always appropriate to attempt solving the problems by yourself without any help. If you are doing self study then you may not have the facility to check your answers. In that case you should opt for the solutions only after trying hard for the questions. However, in some instances such as trying to understand a formula or just before the exam you can have a look at the solution before your actual attempt.

5. Why would I trust solutions of class 8 mathematics provided by Vedantu ?

The solutions for RD Sharma problems have been prepared by very scholarly maths teachers after years of experience. It is also according to the latest curriculum of CBSE syllabus. The paper has been designed after taking suggestions from the veteran teachers having immense experience in evaluation of papers. You can follow the methods as mentioned in the PDF files with full trust and assurance. Vedantu also provides various other reliable resources and study materials to help you in your studies and make the learning process easy and motivating for every student.