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RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions Chapter 4 - Operations on Whole Numbers (Ex 4.1) Exercise 4.1

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions Chapter 4 - Operations on Whole Numbers (Ex 4.1) Exercise 4.1 - Free PDF

Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions Chapter 4 - Operations on Whole Numbers Exercise 4.1 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on Vedantu. All Chapter 4 - Operations on Whole Numbers Ex 4.1 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma Class 6 Maths to help you to revise the complete Syllabus and Score More marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other engineering entrance exams.

Chapter 4 - Operations on Whole Numbers

About the Chapter

'Operations on Whole Numbers' is the fourth chapter in the NCERT Maths textbooks for Class 6 students.  

Whole Numbers are a concept that we use in our regular tasks, counting things on our fingers to taking class attendance. Everything comes down to a whole number. That's why students need to understand the concepts discussed in this chapter. At Vedantu, our experts give you solutions for all the exercises given in NCERT and the best reference books like RD Sharma.  After the third chapter taught us the concepts of Whole Numbers, we use them in different operations in this chapter. 

This Chapter in the NCERT Book provides different problems related to Whole Numbers in exercises that make the student apply the Properties of Whole Numbers studied in the previous chapter. These exercises also use real-life practical questions that will better engage a student. 

After understanding the concepts from NCERT Book and finishing the exercises, to solve some more complex but exciting examples, you should explore RD Sharma's Mathematics for Class 6. This book will provide additional problems and questions that will strengthen a student's core concepts of the chapter.

All the study materials are readily available on Vedantu’s website where you can download them for free.

List of Exercises in R.D. Sharma’s Mathematics for Class 6 - Operations on Whole Numbers

  • Exercise 4.1

  • Exercise 4.2

  • Exercise 4.3

  • Exercise 4.4

  • Exercise 4.5

  • Objective Type Questions

  • CCE Chapter Test

The student can Sign In and access the solutions for all these exercises online and also offline in the form of easily downloadable PDFs.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions Chapter 4 - Operations on Whole Numbers (Ex 4.1) Exercise 4.1

1. Which chapters come before and after 'Operations on Whole Numbers' in the Class 6 Maths Syllabus?

This chapter come under the main concept of Number System, which consists of the following chapters: 

  • Knowing our Numbers

  • Playing with Numbers

  • Whole numbers 

  • Operations on Whole Numbers

  • Negative Numbers and Integers

  • Fractions

2. How does Vedantu help me solve RD Sharma's Maths for Class 6?

Vedantu's App and Website provides the solutions to those broadly detailed and complex questions. Students won't hesitate to solve the questions in the book. They would delve into the NCERT Chapter's concept even further with the help of both RD Sharma and its solutions by Vedantu by just Signing In. Downloadable PDFs of those exact solutions are also available.

3. Should I study the RD Sharma Book before solving all the exercises in the NCERT Textbook?

Students should always finish the core concepts given in the chapters in the NCERT Book and solve the exercises given after the chapters. It will be better to explore the core concepts even further by solving the questions given in RD Sharma's Book for Mathematics. It broadens the students' ideas and challenges them with more complex questions to prepare them for their exams.

4. What are some reasons why RD Sharma for Mathematics is the book suggested by most people?

Some of the benefits that an RD Sharma’s Book will provide are:

  • This book has an exam-oriented d approach where the book's format is so direct and to the point that it prepares a student for the exams in advance. The MCQs and Chapter Test Papers help prepare students for the type of paper pattern they might face. 

  • The book contains an enormous amount of questions. Students can cover many questions in this book (apart from the ones in the NCERT Textbook) for their entire academic year and clear all their concepts without any problems. 

  • RD Sharma for Mathematics creates a robust foundation in students as they prepare not only for the exams of Class 6 but also future examinations, including board exams and even competitive entrance exams. The format of the questions introduces the student to that kind of environment in advance. 

  • As the third point insists, these books are also handy for students sitting in competitive exams, where they have to cover the syllabus of all the NCERT level Maths as it contains the core concepts needed to be studied.

5. Why is RD Sharma better than other reference books for Class 6th Maths?

Every RD Sharma book is self-sufficient in providing exercises covering all the topics studied to ace your exams.  Instead of having various reference books that might have different concepts that you might miss while studying the NCERT Chapter, you find all those varieties of ideas in one book. RD Sharma is a book that solves all the doubts and questions that a student exploring the chapter would have.

Indeed, having several reference books is probably beneficial. Still, when a book like RD Sharma can do the work of all of them, students can easily practice the exercises given in it to ace their exams.