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RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions Chapter 17 - Symmetry (Ex 17.4) Exercise 17.4

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Vedantu’s RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 Chapter 17 - Symmetry

RD Sharma Solution for Maths is a very important resource for students of Class 6. This is the class where students either love studies or hate studies. To make students engaged with studies, RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions for Maths is framed. This book will make students enjoy studies and study Maths with full interest. This is one of the best books for Maths for classes 6-12. It is widely preferred by teachers and students for exam preparations, olympiads and competitive exams. To help students, Vedantu provides RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions Chapter 17 - Symmetry (Ex 17.4) Exercise 17.4 - Free PDF.

Chapter 17 - Symmetry

The figures which are evenly balanced are called symmetry. In this chapter, we will learn the construction of some two-dimensional symmetric figures as activities and learn the concept of symmetrical figures with two lines of symmetry. 

Advantages of RD Sharma Solutions

The following are the advantages of practicing Math from RD Sharma book:

  • It helps students to understand what kind of questions can be expected for the examination.

  • It consists of questions from basic level to advanced level questions. This helps to get used to all kinds of difficult level questions,

  • It uses simple language, which can be understandable to every student. 

  • It is completely available online for free, Students can access it whenever they have doubts. 

  • It can also be downloaded for offline practice and reference. 

  • It gives a clear idea of how to solve a question using various methods.

Preparation Strategy for Class 6 Maths Examination

The following are some of the preparation strategies for the Maths Examination,

Understanding the question paper pattern and mark distribution will help you to know the topics you need to cover and the weightage of the topics. Prepare a daily study routine based on your learning style, preferences, and habits. Allot separate time for revision and practice of concepts learned. Follow NCERT Books and RD Sharma books as it is written in a way to grasp the basics of the subjects clearly to the students. It will be helpful to brush up on concepts for the last minute preparation. Practice previous year question papers to understand your strengths and weaknesses and plan your exam approach accordingly.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions Chapter 17 - Symmetry (Ex 17.4) Exercise 17.4

1. How many Chapters are in RD Sharma Class 6 Solution?

There are 23 chapters in RD Sharma Class 6 Maths Textbook. They are, Knowing our Numbers, Playing with Numbers, Whole Numbers, Operations on Whole Numbers, Negative Numbers and Integers, Fractions, Decimals, Introduction to Algebra, Ratio, Proportion and Unitary Method, Basic Geometrical Concepts, Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles, Pair of Lines and Transversal, Understanding Three Dimensional Shapes, Symmetry, Basic Geometrical Tools, Geometrical Constructions, Mensuration, Data Handling – I (Presentation of Data), Data Handling – II (Pictographs) and Data Handling – III (Bar Graphs).

2. Is it necessary to learn from RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 17?

Yes RD Sharma is necessary for CBSE Class 6 Students as it provides lots of questions to practice. The presentation of each and every topic in the book is described in a unique way, which means all the topics covered in the book are not stretched beyond their necessary length. Only necessary topics are retained for effective understanding. It describes every concept in an elaborate manner for easy understanding. This book consists of questions with varying difficulty levels, from basic to advanced.

Refer to Vedantu for free solutions chapter-wise and get free access to other online resources to enhance your learning.

3. How is Vedantu helpful for students?

Vedantu has India’s top experienced teachers with more than 10 years of experience from IIT and top colleges. It provides adaptive teaching methods based on student style of learning with live two-way interactive classes to solve doubts of the student. It provides 24/7 faculty support and mentors support for solving students’ doubts and guiding students to score high marks. It facilitates flexible learning opportunities for students like choosing the time for classes and choosing teachers. It provides NCERT solutions, RD Sharma Solutions, Important questions, Previous year question papers, and mock question papers for practice.

4. Is Class 6 important?

At Vedantu we see no grade as unimportant, we give equal priority to all grades. Class 6 is one of the important years for a student to lay a strong foundation for higher grades. As we know every class is interlinked to each other and to know a concept one must be strong with the basics. So, to understand classes 7 and 8 one should understand the basic concepts learned in the previous year such as class 6. Thus having strong knowledge of the subjects is very essential in class 6 making it one of the important classes for students.

5. How to use RD Sharma Solution Book effectively?

The following are some of the tips to study effectively from the RD Sharma Maths Solution book

  • The first thing you would need to do is learn and solve your grade 8 NCERT textbook completely.

  • Then go for the RD Sharma book and solve exercise questions and sample papers.

  • Take notes of all the important formulas and concepts given in the textbook.

  • Study and memorize the charts and graphs.

  • Understand each topic. 

  • When in doubt, ask your teacher or mentor and resolve it.