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What is the Full Form of ICSE /ISC ?

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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ICSE is an abbreviation for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. This is an exam that is done by the Board for the Indian Studies Certificate Examinations for the 10th standard. The topics were divided into two parts. Part I includes courses such as art, socially useful productive work, physical education, education in moral and spiritual values, and a third language of at least class V to class VIII. Candidates must have taken these courses.


Part II is composed of two groups. Group I contains compulsory subjects such as English, a second language, history, civic education and geography. A candidate may choose from two subjects: mathematics, science, economics, business studies, technical drawing, modern foreign language, classical language, computer science, environmental science and agricultural sciences. Group III contains the list of topics such as computer applications, economic application and commercial application, from which the student can choose one of the topics. In group I and group II, the weighting of the external and internal evaluation is 80:20. In group III, equal weighting is given to both.


ISC is the abbreviation of Indian School Certificate. This is a review done by the Board for the Indian School Certificate Examinations for Grade 12 . Examination subjects include English as a compulsory subject and a list of optional subjects. The list of optional courses contains topics such as: geography, sociology, history, physics, biology, chemistry, home science, etc.


All candidates must take the English exam and exams for three, four or five choices. The result of the Indian Studies Certificate is based on the external examination at the end of class XII. The result also takes into account the internal evaluation of socially useful productive work and the community.   


Since CFSI and SAI have been designed for different levels, this difference is easily reflected in the curriculum of the materials they cover. The Grade 10 program includes a wide range of topics that provide a lot of information and knowledge to students. Grade 12 is the highest grade to grade 10, so the program has been designed to focus on specific topics in depth. Grade 12 is of great importance and the results obtained in this exam count in admissions to colleges. Both syllabuses have their own importance and have been designed with minute details.