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Social science.
Population of an area
An indicator of socio-economic development in a country is ______.
A) Occupational structure
B) Literacy
C) Rural-urban composition
D) Sex composition
Social science.
Amritsar and Shimla are almost on the same latitude, but their climate difference is due to
A) the difference in their altitudes
B) their distance from sea
C) snowfall in Shimla
D) pollution in Amritsar
Social science.
Population of an area
According to the census of 2001 which of the cities in India has the maximum population?
A) Mumbai
B) Kolkata
C) New Delhi
D) Chennai
Social science.
A place where a building or settlement develops is known as its ______.
A) origin
B) trade
C) site
D) none of these
Social science.
Ocean currents
Ocean currents move in clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere and in anticlockwise direction in the southern hemisphere.
Social science.
Major land forms
Explain sea breeze and land breeze with the help of a diagram.
Social science.
On the outline map of India, mark the following appropriately:
A) Areas receiving winter rainfall
B) Areas receiving less than 20 cm of annual rainfall
C) Areas receiving more than 200 cm of annual rainfall
D) Cherrapunji and Mawsynram
E) Barmer
Social science.
After how much depth the temperature of sea water is uniform?
A) 1000 m
B) 1500 m
C) 2000 m
D) 2500 m
Social science.
Physical divisions
From which of the following places is Kathmandu nearest by air route?
A) Patna
B) Delhi
C) Varanasi
D) Kolkata
Social science.
Natural vegetation and wild life
The highest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls of Venezuela in _____________.
A) North America
B) South America
C) Africa
D) Asia
Social science.
In convergent Boundary, plates _______.
A) Moves toward each other
B) Slide horizontally
C) Pull away each other
D) All of the above
Social science.
Natural vegetation and wild life
Which of the following National Parks is in Karnataka?
A) Kaziranga and Sunderbans
B) Gir and Kanha
C) Hazaribagh and Chandrapur
D) Kali and Kudremukh