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Types of biodiversity
What do you understand by genetic diversity, species diversity and ecological diversity?
Types of biodiversity
Northeastern Himalayas and the Western Ghats are biodiversity hotspots, which are rich in
A) Amphibians
B) Reptiles
C) Amphibians, reptiles, some mammals, butterfly and flowering plants
D) Butterflies
Types of biodiversity
What is the difference between species diversity and species richness?
Types of biodiversity
Give one example of each of the following:
a. Eury thermal plant species .......
b. A hot water spring organism..........
c. An organism seen in deep ocean.........
d. An organism seen in compost pit ...........
e. A parasitic angiosperm.........
f. A stenothermal plant species...........
g. Soil organism........
h. Benthic animal.........
i. Antifreeze compound seen in Antarctic..........
j. An organism which can conform............
Types of biodiversity
Study the age pyramids given below and select the correct statement regarding these.

A)A is a triangular age pyramid, where the pre-production stage is very large as compared to the reproductive and post-reproductive stages of the population. This type of age structure indicates that the population would increase rapidly.
B)B is an inverted bell shaped age pyramid, where the number of pre-reproductive and reproductive and reproductive individuals is almost equal. This type of age structure indicates that the population is stable.
C)C is an urn shaped age pyramid, where more number of reproductive individuals are present. This type of age structure indicates that the population is declining.
D)All of these
Types of biodiversity
Stratification is more common in
(A)Tropical rainforest
(B)Deciduous forest
(C)Temperate forest
(D)Tropical savanna
Types of biodiversity
An animal which live in both grasslands and forest is
Types of biodiversity
Assertion: Diversity opened in the entire geographical area is called gamma diversity.
Reason: Biodiversity decreases from high altitude to low altitude.
A)Both the assertion and the reason are true and the reason is the correct explanation of the assertion.
B)Both the assertion and the reason are true but the reason is not a correct explanation of the assertion.
C)The assertion is true but the reason is false.
D)Both the assertion and reason are false.
E)The assertion is false but reason is true.
Types of biodiversity
In tropical rainforests, the canopy is thick and shorter plants growing below it receive filtered light. How are they able to carry out photosynthesis?
Types of biodiversity
Pick up a zone of our country considered as hotspot of biodiversity and regarded as ‘Cradle of speciation '
A.North East
B.Deccan plateau
C.Himalayan base
D.Western Ghat
Types of biodiversity
Algae which form motile colony is
A. Volvox
B. Nostoc
C. Spirogyra
D. Chlamydomonas
Types of biodiversity
Night-blooming flower are generally
A. Lightweight
B. Scented
C. Brightly colored
D. Bloom in clusters