Home Tuition in Dubai

Personalized Live Online Home Tuition in Dubai

One of the major economic hubs of the world, Dubai’s school education system is one of the most developed in the region. A significant number of schools here cater to children of expatriates. Many schools which cater to expats follow American and British curriculums. The building blocks of learning that your child receives in school are the foundation for a successful career. However, the school tuition he or she receives needs to be augmented and fine-tuned with a more customised approach to ensure that the greatest potential is achieved. A tuition program should incorporate a personal connection between the tutor and the student for more effective guidance. This is why Vedantu is becoming a top choice for informed parents all over.


There are many reasons why Vedantu is the perfect answer for those looking for private tutors in Dubai.

  • Physical home tuition fees in Dubai are very expensive. Vedantu’s online tuition platform is affordable compared to getting a home tutor in Dubai without compromising on the teaching quality.

  • Home teaching by Vedantu also allows students and parents to manage their schedules efficiently – it takes out the time lost to transit as private lessons are accessible from home.

  • It is also a flexible platform so students can access their lessons from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • The Vedantu learning experience includes a wide array of resources – recorded sessions, assessments and a convenient pace of learning make studying fun and impactful.

  • You can find a tutor for maths and science, and other core subjects very easily on the Vedantu platform.

  • Vedantu ensures that all lessons are planned according to the syllabus and requirements of your child’s school.