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UP Board Exams 2024 Registrations Last Date Extended To October 24, 2023

September 26, 2023
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The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP) has announced a revised registration deadline for UP Board Class 10 and 12 students for the UPMSP board exams in 2024. According to the updated schedule, school authorities are required to complete the registration process and submit the application fee by October 10, using the official website,

UP Board Exams 2024: Last Date To Register October 10, 2023

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Furthermore, the deadline for registration for UP Board Class 9 and 11 students has also been extended to October 10. Additionally, the last date for schools to submit the photo-enrolled list of registered students in UPMSP Classes 9 to 12 to the regional office has been moved up to October 15.

Students who are registering late for the UP high school (Class 10) and intermediate (Class 12) board exams in 2024 will need to pay a late registration fee of Rs 100. Similarly, students in Class 9 and 11 will be required to deposit a late fee of Rs 50.

In addition to the registration extension, school principals will have the opportunity to make necessary corrections to the exam forms that have already been submitted. This includes rectifying details such as student names, names of parents, subject codes chosen by students, and ensuring that the date of birth aligns with the school records. 

Furthermore, if there are any unclear or incorrect photographs of students uploaded on the UP Board official website,, these can also be modified during this extended period.

Additionally, the deadline for the submission of the students' enrolment list to the respective treasury and regional offices has been pushed back to October 15.

As per the guidelines provided by the UP Board, the head of each educational institution is responsible for preparing the treasury sheet containing the registration fees for all candidates. This treasury sheet must be generated in five copies and subsequently deposited in the treasury within their respective districts. Of these copies, two will be retained in the treasury, one will be dispatched to the District School Inspector, another, accompanied by the roll number, will be forwarded to the council office, and the final copy will be securely maintained within the school premises under the supervision of the institution's head.

Furthermore, the verification of treasury documents, which the district school inspector collects from all educational institutions within the district, will be carried out expeditiously, with a maximum timeframe of one month allocated for this process. It is imperative that the district school inspectors meticulously verify all details provided in the application forms for Class 9 and 11 students for the academic year 2023-24, as well as those submitted by Class 10 and 12 students for the upcoming board exams in 2024, to ensure their accuracy and completeness.