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NTSE Postponed By NCERT

October 06, 2022
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In a recent notification released by NCERT, the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) has been postponed till further notice. According to the official notice, the exam was approved till March 31, 2021, and further approval is not yet been granted. 

National Talent Search Examination Postponed Till Further Notice

The official notice read, “The National Talent Search Scheme is a central sector scheme fully funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Government of India (Gol). NCERT is an implementing agency for the NTSE scheme. The scheme was approved till March 31, 2021. The further implementation of the scheme in its present form has not been approved and has been stalled till further orders. This is for the information of all concerned.”

Last year, NCERT conducted NTSE on October 24, 2021, at 68 centres across the country. The NTSE 2021 result was released on February 18, 2022 on the official website ( Prior to the final result, the OMR sheet and provisional result were released on the official website on February 9, 2022

NTSE was funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE) as a scholarship programme and hosted by NCERT each year. There were two stages - Stage 1 (State Level) and Stage 2 (National Level). Students clearing both stages used to get Rs 1250 per month in Class 11th & 12, while the amount increases to Rs 2000 per month under Graduation and Post Graduation tenure.