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Education Minister To Release NIRF Rankings 2022 On July 15

July 13, 2022
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Education Ministry released the official date for NIRF rankings 2022. According to the official tweet by the Ministry of Education, Dharmendra Pradhan, the Union Education Minister, will be releasing the NIRF rankings 2022 on July 15, 2022

A virtual conference will be arranged on Friday, July 15, to release the National Institutional Ranking Framework Rankings. This is the 7th Edition of the NIRF rankings, which will include the details of the country's top colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. 

NIRF Rankings

The virtual conference will be streamed on multiple social media platforms, and a detailed report of NIRF Rankings 2022 will be published on the official website ( at 11:00 AM.

Parameters On Which NIRF Rankings 2022 Will Be Awarded

There will be 11 categories for the awards to identify the top colleges and institutes in the nation. These institutes and colleges will be assessed on the below-mentioned five parameters.



Teaching Learning & Resources

It will include the available resources and quality of learning available at the institute

Research & Professional Practice

How the teaching and learning process at the institute contributes will be closely monitored

Graduation Outcome

How beneficial is the completion of the course is being evaluated through this parameter

Outreach & Inclusivity

This parameter is exclusively designed to determine the emphasis on the representation of women


This parameter evaluates the perception of an institute and what value it focuses on

NIRF Ranking 2021 Highlights



Overall Best Educational Insitute

IIT Madras

Best Institute, Engineering

IIT Madras

Best Institute, Management

IIM Ahmedabad

Best Institute, Medical


Best Institute, Research

IIT Madras