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ISC Class 12 Board Exam 2024 Begins Today: Important Guidelines

February 12, 2024
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The ISC Class 12 Board Exam 2024 has begun today, on February 12, 2024, and will continue until April 3, 2024. If you're a student, make sure you have your ISC Class 12 Admit Card 2024 and your school ID when you go to the exam center. The exam will be conducted in a single shift, starting at 9 am for some subjects and 2 pm for others, as per the schedule.

ISC Class 12 Board Exam 2024: Important Guidelines for Success

The exam duration is 3 hours and 15 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes for reading the question paper. To ensure a smooth exam, follow the guidelines provided by CISCE. You can find the instructions by clicking on the provided link for ISC Class 12 Board Exam 2024 guidelines.

Important Guidelines for Students:

For those taking the exam, here are some essential instructions:

Admit Card and ID: Ensure you have your ISC Class 12 Admit Card 2024 and a valid school identification proof. Without these, you will not be permitted to enter the exam hall.

Arrival: Arrive at the examination hall at least an hour before the scheduled start time and be seated five minutes prior. This allows for a smooth check-in process and minimizes stress.

Read Instructions Carefully: Pay close attention to all instructions provided at the beginning of each paper, particularly regarding the number of questions to be attempted.

Answer Booklet: Sign the designated space on the main answer booklet and write your unique ID and index number clearly using a black or blue ballpoint pen.

Writing Pad: Use the provided writing pad for rough work. Avoid using the answer booklet for this purpose.

Stationery: Bring essential stationery items like pens, pencils, erasers, and a sharpener. Electronic devices, calculators, and other unauthorized materials are strictly prohibited.

Maintain Calmness: Remain calm and focused throughout the exam. If you encounter any difficulties, raise your hand to seek assistance from the invigilator.

Stay Hydrated: Carry a water bottle to stay hydrated during the exam. However, avoid bringing any food items or beverages not explicitly permitted.

Follow Rules: Adhere to all exam rules and regulations. Any violation may lead to disqualification.

To pass the ISC Class 12 Board Exam 2024, candidates need to score at least 35% in each subject. The results will be declared in May 2024. Last year, the overall pass percentage for ISC Class 12 was 96.93%, with boys at 95.96% and girls at 98.01%. Good luck!