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ICSE, ISC Students Be Alert: Board Released Important Instructions For 2021 Semester I Exam

October 28, 2021
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ICSE, ISC Important Instructions For 2021 Semester I Exam

By Swagata Sarkar 

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has declared some important instructions for the students who will be sitting for the Semester I exams of ICSE and ISC. The ICSE Semester I exams will start on November 29 and are scheduled to end on December 16, 2021. ISC Semester I exam will commence from November 22 and will end on December 20, 2021. CISCE has released the guidelines at their official website ( The students are advised to go through the latest guidelines and instructions carefully. 

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Instructions for the Students

The instructions and guidelines released by CISCE are as follows:

  • Candidates must appear for both semester I and semester II exams, which will be held in November and March of the following year. To be eligible for certification for the ICSE year 2022 exam, a candidate must take both of these exams.

  • Candidates must offer the same subjects for both the Semester I and Semester II examinations.

  • Candidates should get their admission cards from the heads of their schools before these examinations.

  • Candidates must be seated in the examination hall five minutes before the scheduled start time of the subject's examination.

  • If a candidate is given an exam paper for which he or she is not registered, he or she must immediately bring it to the attention of the supervising examiner.

  • All general instructions given at the beginning of a paper, such as the number of questions to be attempted, must be carefully read by the candidate. They should only answer the number of questions specified in the question paper – cum – answer booklet.

  • Candidates will be provided an Unique ID (Unique Identification Number) and Index Number which they should write in the space provided on the top-sheet of the question paper-cum-answer booklet. All entries on the question paper/answer booklet must be made only with a black/blue ink pen.

  • The candidates are strongly advised to not write or scribble anywhere else on the top sheet.

  • Candidates are allowed to use basic electronic calculators.

  • If a candidate arrives late at the centre, he or she must provide a satisfactory explanation and reason to the supervisor. Except in exceptional circumstances, no candidate who is more than half an hour late will be given a paper.

  • All students who take the exams will be given a computer-generated mark sheet that only shows the marks they received in each subject/paper they took for the Semester I Examination.

Guidelines for Covid - 19

  • To avoid overcrowding and to ensure smooth entry into the school, candidates must arrive at the examination centre well ahead of time.

  • Candidates must maintain a social distance of at least six feet between themselves and others while moving around the school campus.

  • Candidates must strictly adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols, such as wearing a face mask, carrying hand sanitizer, and avoiding touching their faces with their hands. Gloves aren't required, but they're a nice touch.

  • Candidates must bring their own stationery material and should not share it with other candidates.

  • While coughing or sneezing, candidates should strictly adhere to respiratory etiquette. This entails covering one's mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing.

  • If any candidate becomes ill or feels uncomfortable, they must notify the supervising examiner/invigilator and follow the school's protocol.