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School Innovation Council: Launched Jointly By CBSE, AICTE, And Education Ministry

July 04, 2022
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CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), AICTE, and the innovation cell of the Education ministry have jointly launched the School Innovation Council (SIC) to cater to the challenges of 2047. Over 12,800 school teachers are also recognized as Innovation Ambassadors of the nation.  

Education Ministry, CBSE, AICTE Jointly Launch School Innovation Council

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In order to build an innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem with the schools, the School Innovation Council (SIC) has been established. The SIC is also a step towards the vision of promoting ideation, out-of-box thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship at the school level in a sustainable manner. 

Anita Karwal, Secretary, Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry Of Education, said, “The demographic dividend we talk about is available till 2047. We don’t know what challenges the future holds, and thus, it’s important that every child becomes creative and open to innovation. We have to go beyond textbooks, which are one of  the tools to develop innovative abilities.”

Further, she added, “The new national curriculum framework will introduce a highly-reduced, core-essential curriculum, so the children can engage in developing 21st-century skills apart from studies.”

In addition, she also insisted parents and teachers to introduce children to what’s happening around them in order to develop their skills to identify, analyze and ideate competencies according to the situation. 

Every school across the nation is advised to register on the SIC website and establish one within the school with a chairperson, convenor or active coordinator, teacher representatives, expert representatives, and student representatives. 

The successful innovators or entrepreneurs will be allowed to present and discuss the ideas in front of the SIC panel. In addition, the best POCs/Prototypes will be showcased at the pan-India level, along with funding for the highly competitive ideas. All these activities will be executed according to the SIC calendar