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Check Important Guidelines for Kerala SSLC 2023 Exams

March 08, 2023
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In Kerala, the Senior Secondary Leaving Certificate (SSLC) exams started today (March 9) and will last till March 29 (Wednesday). A total of 4,19,554 students have signed up for the exam, and 4,19,362 of them are ordinary students.

Dates for SSLC and Plus Two exams for the academic year 2022–2023 have already been issued by the Kerala government. Kerala's mock exams started on February 27 and ended on March 3.

Kerala Board Exams 2023: Check Important Guidelines

The examination will begin on April 3, 2023, and the results will be released on May 10, according to a prior official statement from the Kerala Public Education Department.

2,960 exam centres have been established, including 1,421 centres in the aided sector and 369 exam halls in the unaided zone.

This year, 289 students from nine schools in Lakshadweep and 518 students from the Gulf area are taking the exam. Beginning on April 3, answer sheet valuation will take place. For the same, up to 70 camps have been established. Exams for the first and second years of higher secondary school will be given from March 10 to March 30. All institutions have been told to set up drinking water and other facilities for individuals taking the examinations because of the state's extreme heat.

The Plus Two test for higher secondary and vocational higher secondary studies will also be held from March 10 to 30, 2023. According to the Kerala education department, the upper secondary practical examination took place on February 1, and the vocational higher secondary practical test started on January 25.

According to the official statement, the review of the papers will begin on April 3, and the results will be released by May 25.