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List of Candidates Submission: CBSE to Not Extend the Last Date Further for Schools

September 21, 2023
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CBSE earlier confirmed to extend the Class 10, 12 LOC filling last date for 2024 board examinations. Previously the deadline was revised from September 18 to September 28, 2023. Now, in a new circular released by CBSE, the board has confirmed not to extend the last date further. Schools have to submit the list of candidates by September 28, 2023. 

CBSE To Not Extend Last Date: List Of Candidates Submission

The submission of the List of Candidates (LOC) without a late fee for the CBSE Board Class 10 and 12 exams for 2023-24 must be completed by September 28, 2023. However, for those who need to submit the LOC with a late fee, the window for submission is open from September 29 to October 5, 2023. Students preparing for the CBSE Board exams can access the official notice on the board's website -

The official notification emphasises the crucial importance of accurately submitting data in the LOC. Schools are instructed to thoroughly review the LOC Notification No CBSE/LOC/2023-24/ dated 17/8/2023 before entering candidates' information. Staff responsible for data entry should also be well-versed in the guidelines outlined in the circular to prevent errors. Parents should also be informed about the significance of providing accurate data and the potential consequences of submitting incorrect information. 

It's important to note that corrections to subjects after LOC submission will not be accommodated in any way.

Furthermore, there will be no opportunity to correct uploaded data. Ensuring the accuracy of the data before submission to the Board is the responsibility of the respective schools. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the data is error-free to meet all deadlines without any issues.