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2022 CBSE Term 2 Result Scheduled for July First Week Release

May 18, 2022
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Though the 2022 CBSE Board exams are still underway, CBSE has taken proactive measures to release the result by the first week of July. According to sources, CBSE has already started the evaluation process with each resource being requested to work with increased speed and efficiency.

We are just halfway through the Class 10 and Class 12 board exams, and teachers have started the evaluation process with the aim of completing the process on time. It is a strategic move taken by CBSE to double the pace keeping in mind the delayed start of the exams. This step will reduce the time to half and help other admission processes that are dependent on the board results.

The reduced time frame will be achieved with each teacher being asked to evaluate as many as 35 answer sheets daily which was set at 22 earlier. CBSE believes that this target can be achieved as the length of answer sheets have been reduced to half. According to the Center Superintendent of one of the examination centres, “The answer sheets are shorter, and hence the total number of copies being evaluated daily has been doubled. This whole exercise will help in releasing the results in record time.”

Expected 2022 Results Date CBSE Term 2?

The official date has not been released by the board. However, with the current practice, the result should surface on the portal by the first week of July or even earlier. Most of the major exams of Class 10 are already conducted. Even the language exams along with some vocational subjects will be completed by next week.

As for Class 12, the board is aiming to do the same. However, there are some major exams that are still to be conducted. The last exam is scheduled for June 15, 2022, and post that, the results should be ready within 20 days. The board has done this earlier as well, announcing the results within a month of the exam completion. This time too, we hope the results are on time so that the upcoming academic sessions can be started on time.