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CBSE Opens Portal for Students with Special Needs in 2024 Exams

January 22, 2024
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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has opened the online portal, "Pariksha Sangam," to ensure equal access and support during the crucial exams.

CBSE 2024 Exam Portal for Special Needs Now Live

Schools can now register their students with special needs (CWSN) on the portal ( until January 24th. This includes uploading necessary documents and specifying any required facilities or exemptions based on their disabilities.

"Our goal is to provide a stress-free and fair testing environment for all students," said a CBSE spokesperson. "This portal simplifies the process for accessing crucial support, ensuring CWSN students can perform to their full potential."

What Does the Portal Offer?

  • A clear list of CWSN students enrolled in each school.

  • Categorized facilities and exemptions are available based on specific disabilities.

  • Options for schools to select desired support measures for their students.

  • Direct communication channel with CBSE for any queries or clarifications.

Benefits for CWSN Students:

  • Personalised exam arrangements, such as extra time, scribes, or adapted question papers.

  • Reduced physical burden, with options like enlarged print or braille papers.

  • A stress-free environment with designated seating and quieter spaces.

The portal also ensures transparency and efficiency. All student information and chosen facilities will be reflected on their CBSE admit cards and communicated to exam centre superintendents beforehand.

This initiative marks a significant step towards inclusivity in Indian education. By removing barriers and offering personalised support, CBSE is empowering CWSN students to confidently conquer their exams and pursue their academic dreams.

So, students with special needs, gear up! With the "Pariksha Sangam" portal, you have the right tools and support to shine in your CBSE 2024 exams!