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CBSE Implements a Relief Policy for Class 10 Students, Policy Will Be Effective In 2023-24 Session

January 12, 2023
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After the CBSE added new topics to its curriculum for grades 9 and 11 students, the Board has recently developed a new policy, allowing class 10 students to use any of the newly-introduced subjects' marks in the "Best of 5" form if they are dissatisfied with their performance in other subjects. The academic year 2023–24 would see the start of the new policy.

CBSE Introduces New Policy To Relive Students of Class 10

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New skill subjects will start in classes 9 and 11. Design Thinking & Innovation, Foundation Skills for Sciences (Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology), and Electronics & Hardware will be taught to students in classes 9 and 11, respectively. Design Thinking & Innovation, Physical Activity Trainer, Land Transportation Associate and Electronics & Hardware will be taught to students in classes 11 and 12.

The new regulation, according to a board representative, is intended to help students nationwide who are applying to junior colleges. He went on to clarify that one of the "Best of Five" must include at least one language and that Math and Science can be replaced with one of the recently added disciplines.