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CBSE Released Important Notice to Its Affiliated Schools on Offering Mathematics in Class XI

August 09, 2022
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Students who were offered Mathematics Basic (241) in Class X can be offered Mathematics (041) in Class XI, confirmed CBSE. In a recent letter to Principals of affiliated schools, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), notified the extension of the relaxation for one more year. The relaxation was given in view of the pandemic. 

CBSE Extends Relaxation to Offer Mathematics in Class XI

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The 2022 session is already affected due to COVID and to keep the remaining activities of the session on time, the board is taking such measures. 

The official notification read, “As per the circular, students of Class-X who have studied Mathematics Standard (041) can offer Mathematics (041) in Class-XI. In case, the student who offered Mathematics Basic (241) in Class-X are allowed to offer only Applied Mathematics in Class-XI. This rule was relaxed by the CBSE in the past two years because of the circumstances developed due to the pandemic and thus, students who offered Mathematics Basic (241) were also allowed to offer Mathematics (041) in class XI.”

The institutes are advised to check the ability of a student to pursue the subject thoroughly before offering Mathematics (041) in Class-XI. The particular measure is to facilitate the present session 2022-23 of Class-XI.