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CBSE Classes 9 & 11 Registration Dates Extended Till October 15, 2022

October 02, 2022
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CBSE has released an official notice suggesting the extension in the registration process of Classes 9 & 11. Now, candidates can register till October 15, 2022. To check the official notice, candidates can visit the official website of the board (

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The extension till October 15, 2022, is without late fees. However, registration can be done between October 16 and October 30, 2022, with late fees. Indian students of Classes 9 & 11 have to pay INR 300 as a normal fee for registration. The fees are INR 500 for class 9 and INR 600 for class 11 abroad students. With late fees, Indian students have to pay INR 2300, and abroad students have to pay INR 2500 for class 9 and INR 2600 for class 11. 

Registration can be done through the Praiksha Sangam link provided on the CBSE website. Students who will register now through the online process will be eligible for board exams of Class 10 & 12 in the 2023-24 session.