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CBSE Classes 10th & 12th Practical Exams Schedule Released For Winter-Bound Schools

October 24, 2022
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CBSE has announced the practical exams and internal assessments schedule for classes 10 and 12 students of winter-bound schools. According to the schedule, the internal assessments and practical exams will begin on November 15, 2022, and conclude on December 14, 2022. Students can check the notice available at the official website (

CBSE Exams 2023: Class 10th & 12th Practical Exams Schedule Out For Winter-Bound Schools

This schedule is released after considering the operational days of the winter-bound schools. As most of the winter-bound schools are closed in the month of January, CBSE decided to complete the internal assessments till December 2022. 

CBSE has also advised all winter-bound schools to upload the marks of the practical examinations and internal assessments from the date of the start of the exams. The process of marks uploading should be completed by the last date advised by the CBSE. No extension would be provided by the board.   

Schools are also advised to conduct the exams in two or three sessions in a day if the student count is more than 20.