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CBSE Adopts Pre-Covid Norms for 2023 Assessment

August 02, 2022
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There were speculations that CBSE has changed its assessment pattern, clearing the doubts, CBSE has confirmed that the policies in place are just the continuation of the pre-Covid norms. The pre-Covid norms were released before the pandemic.

Sanyam Bhardwaj, controller of Examinations confirmed to the media by referring to the CBSE’s July 5, 2021, circular that the two terms provision adopted in 2022 was a one-time measure due to the pandemic. In 2021, there were no board exams conducted due to the extended school closure and uncertainty.  In all the other years, the exams were conducted in a single format and CBSE is willing to continue with the same measure going ahead. 

To bring the academic session on track and clear the confusion among the students, CBSE confirmed the board exam schedule for the academic session 2022-23 with an official notification. 

CBSE Adopts Pre-Covid Norms for 2023 Assessment

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Clarification on Internal Assessment

For all the subjects where practical exams are applicable, and for the ones that don’t, 20% will be reserved for the internal assessment. As teachers are in constant touch with the students, they can gauge their performance and evaluate the students precisely. The system is in practice since 2019 and will continue for the upcoming session as well. 

More Options

In response to the demand for more choices of questions, CBSE decided to offer 33% more choices to the students. Even in the school assessment, emphasis on writing, analytical, and thinking skills were given to evaluate a student. 

Competency-based Questions

In 2019, CBSE decided to increase competency-based questions by 10% every year. For Class 12, it was decided to introduce competency-based questions from 2020 and 10% for Class 10 from 2019. In 2021, the criteria for increasing competency-based questions could not be followed due to the exam cancellation. However, in 2022 there were 30% competency-based questions for Class 10 and 20% for Class 12. By 2025, the board is aiming to have 50% competency-based questions for both classes. 

To prepare students better, CBSE is giving training to teachers by providing them with sample question papers. Even the assistance of experts from the UK is taken to grom the skillset of teachers.