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Conquer Exam Stress! CBSE Offers Free Help for Students and Parents

January 03, 2024
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Feeling overwhelmed by the upcoming CBSE exams? You're not alone! Thousands of students across India are experiencing exam stress, but the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is here to help. They've launched their annual psychological counselling program, offering free tools and techniques to navigate exam anxiety effectively.

CBSE Counselling: De-Stress your Exams. Free Tips & Support

How Does it Work?

The Program Runs in Two Phases:

  • Pre-exam phase: Starts on January 1st and provides support through the crucial study period leading up to the exams.

  • Post-exam phase: Begins after results are announced, helping students cope with any stress or concerns that may arise.

What Kind of Support is Available?

  • IVRS: Dial the toll-free number 1800-11-8004 24/7 for access to:

- Key contact details for CBSE offices

- Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

- Stress-free exam preparation tips

- Time and stress management techniques

  • Podcasts: Download informative and engaging podcasts on the CBSE website ( covering topics like:

- Exam preparation strategies

- Coping with anxiety and pressure

- Building self-confidence

  • Tele-counselling: Speak directly with trained counsellors, special educators, and principals from CBSE schools. This confidential service is available from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and even extends beyond India, with support available in Kuwait, Nepal, Japan, and the Middle East.

Why is This Helpful?

This program helps students in several ways:

  • Reduces Exam Anxiety: Learn practical techniques to manage stress and stay calm on exam day.

  • Boosts Confidence: Develop a positive approach to studying and taking exams.

  • Improves Performance: By managing stress, students can focus better and achieve their full potential.

  • Provides Support: Knowing that there's help available can ease anxiety and reduce feelings of isolation.

Whether you're feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of exams or simply want some helpful tips for managing stress, CBSE's psychological counselling program is here for you. Take advantage of these free resources and approach your exams confidently and clearly.