How Much do You Know about Structure of The Atom?
For Grades  9th
Sweta Rai
CBSE Chemistry Expert
M.Sc & B.Ed, Bhilai Mahila Mahavidyalaya
10 years of Teaching Experience for Boards across the World
3500+ hours Online Teaching Experience
Produced best grades & turned Under-achievers to Toppers
  On  Wed 15 Jan, 8:00 PM
For Grade  9th
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What will you get in this MasterClass
  • Learn about the Rutherford's Atomic Model

  • Learn to write the Electronic Configuration of an Atom

  • Clear all your Chemistry Doubts with CBSE Science Expert Sweta Rai ma'am

  • Note down the 'Special Tips and Tricks' to score high in Science Boards Exam

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