All about Principles of Inheritance & Variation
For Grades  12th
Sushil Kumar
Zoology Expert
M.Sc (Life Science, CCSHAU Haryana) University Of Delhi
9 Years of teaching experience
Student of NCERT Biology Authors
Best Ranks produced yet- AIR- 22, 115, 116, 192
Had taught more than 3000 students
  On  Wed 1 Jul, 1:00 PM
For Grade  12th
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Highlights of the MasterClass
  • Get detailed information about Genetics and all the factors of Genetics

  • Learn all about genes, alleles, homozygous, heterozygous chromosome and much more 

  • Solve amazing NEET level questions in this LIVE session

  • Solve all NEET related doubts with Bio Expert Sushil Sir

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