JEE Revision Techniques: Score 100% in Electrochemistry
For Grades  12th - 13th
Abhinav Srivastava
Chemistry Expert
B.Tech, NIT Durgapur
Taught and mentored over 10,000 students
Helped many students to crack IIT, AIIMS and NEET
Produced AIR 10 in AIIMS and Many top JEE selections
  On  Thu 12 Sep, 8:30 PM
For Grades  12th - 13th
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In this MasterClass you will Learn
  • Learn to solve problems related to Reduction Potential

  • Learn to solve problems on Nernst Equation

  • Learn techniques to understand JEE Chemistry Concepts Faster

  • Get All Your Doubts Cleared with Chemistry Expert Abhinav Sir

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