5 JEE Physics Work, Energy & Power Tricks for 100% Score
For Grades  11th
Vikas Agarwal
Physics Expert
B.Tech, IIT Kharagpur
10 Years of Teaching Experience
Taught and Mentored 4000+ Students for IIT & JEE
Produced more than 100+ IITians and 300+ NITians
Produced AIR 99, 257 and many other under 1000 Ranks
  On  Fri 13 Sep, 8:00 PM
For Grade  11th
*Limited FREE Seats Available
Highlights of the MasterClass
  • Understand and apply Work-Energy Theorem (WET)

  • Understand Physics and Solve Tricky Problems

  • Solve problems on Circular Motion using WET

  • Learn Techniques to study smarter with Vedantu Master Teachers

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