7 Secret Hacks for Sequences & Series used by JEE Toppers
For Grades  11th
Shimon Joseph
Math Expert
B.Tech & M.Tech IIT-Madras (Gold Medalist) KVPY Scholar
IIT-JEE Mains State Topper
6+ Years of teaching experience
Taught and Mentored over 2000 students
Got 50+ KVPY & 200+ JEE Selections
  On  Thu 12 Sep, 9:00 PM
For Grade  11th
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Highlights of the MasterClass
  • Learn how to solve tough JEE Sequence & Series problems 3X faster 

  • Get an idea about the Types of Questions asked in Inverse Trigonometry

  • Learn special tricks to Boost Your IIT-JEE Maths Preparation

  • Attempt in-class Quizzes and check your understanding of the Maths concept

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