NEET Respiration in Plants - Revision Hacks by Dr Pankhuri
For Grades  11th - 13th
Dr. Pankhuri Miglani
NEET Expert
B.D.S, Ambedkar Dental College
7+ Years of Teaching Experience
Gold Medallist in Pharmacology, Endodontics in BDS
NEET Specialist, 50+ NEET, 10 AIIMS , 20+ State PMTs Selections
  On  Thu 16 Jan, 6:00 PM
For Grades  11th - 13th
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Highlights of the MasterClass
  • Know all about Respiration and Glycolysis in brief 

  • Learn the steps of Glycolysis in the simplest way

  • Boost your NEET Biology Preparation with amazing easy tricks and tips

  • Get Special Notes on Important Topics for your NEET 2020/21 exam

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