Crack JEE 2020 Physics - Angular Momentum & Rotational Dynamics
For Grades  11th - 13th
Namo Kaul
Physics MasterMind
B.Tech- Computer Science VIT- Vellore , 8 Years teaching experience
Inventor of TurboMath
Taught and Helped more than 10,000 Students
Certified by the Indian Association Of Physics Teachers for securing highest aggregate percentage
  On  Sat 16 Feb, 9:00 PM
For Grades  11th - 13th
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In this MasterClass you will Learn
  • Awesome explanation of Class 11th Physics Concepts with examples

  • Understand the Applications of Concepts using simple visualizations with Namo Kaul Sir

  • New & Amazing Shortcuts to solve tricky questions of JEE Main & Advanced

  • Tips and Tricks to Crack JEE Physics

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