Crack JEE 2020 Physics - Angular Momentum & Rotational Dynamics
For Grades  11th - 13th
Namo Kaul
Physics MasterMind
B.Tech- Computer Science VIT- Vellore , 8 Years teaching experience
Inventor of TurboMath
Taught and Helped more than 10,000 Students
Certified by the Indian Association Of Physics Teachers for securing highest aggregate percentage
  On Sat Feb 16 15:30:00 UTC 2019 (IST)
For Grades  11th - 13th
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In this MasterClass you will Learn
  • Awesome explanation of Class 11th Physics Concepts with examples

  • Understand the Applications of Concepts using simple visualizations with Namo Kaul Sir

  • New & Amazing Shortcuts to solve tricky questions of JEE Main & Advanced

  • Tips and Tricks to Crack JEE Physics

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