Master JEE/NEET Chemistry - Chapter 2 - Solutions
For Grades  11th
Arvind Arora
Chemistry Expert
B.Tech, SKIT Jaipur
8+ years Teaching Experience in India's renowned Institutions
Youtube Channel named Madeejee chemistry with 3 lac+ subscribers
1500+ Online videos on chemistry and on motivational topics
  On  Sun 19 May, 8:00 PM
For Grade  11th
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In this MasterClass you will Learn
  • Effective Strategies to Complete your JEE/NEET Syllabus Faster

  • In-depth explanation on Chem Topic: Solutions by Expert Arvind Sir

  • Do's & Don'ts while Preparing for JEE/NEET Chemistry

  • Solve All your Chemistry Doubts and get the Competitive Edge

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