How to find Square & Cube Roots of Large Numbers?
For Grades  9th - 10th
Deenbandhu Pandey
Math Expert
B.E, Rewa Engineering College
5 Years of teaching experience
Taught and Mentored 1000+ students for 9th-10th and JEE mains
Qualified IBPS, JEE Mains and Advanced, NTSE (3 times)
  On  Sun 24 May, 12:00 PM
For Grades  9th - 10th
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What will you get in this MasterClass
  • Learn the Best methods to find Square and Cube Roots

  • Get tips and tricks to calculate perfect Square and Cube of any Number

  • Understand the concept in a better way through in class Quizzes

  • Solve all your doubts with Math Expert Deenbandhu Sir

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