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JEE Rank Predictor


Predict your JEE Rank with Confidence: An Overview of JEE Rank Predictor

How do you use the JEE rank predictor? Before we begin, let us define JEE rank predictor.

JEE Rank Predictor is an online program that forecasts candidates' positions in the JEE Main or JEE Advanced test based on their projected performance. It is a valuable tool for those who want to get into top engineering institutes in India.

The JEE Rank Predictor program uses an algorithm that considers a variety of parameters, such as the difficulty level of the exam, the number of students who took the exam, the previous year's cut-off trends, and so on. The program predicts the candidate's exam rank based on these traits and their expected marks.

The JEE Rank Predictor is available on our Vedantu website, and applicants can use it anytime and from any location. They must enter their expected scores and other relevant data, and the tool will estimate their ranking.

The rank predictor tool predicts the candidate's rank and suggests colleges for which they may be eligible, depending on their expected rank. This tool can assist students in deciding which universities to apply to and which courses to choose.

In this article, we discussed how to use JEE rank predictor and how to predict rank through the score. Also, In the end, a few key features and FAQs are covered.

Last updated date: 05th Jun 2023
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How to Use JEE Main Rank Predictor 2023?

The candidates must follow the below steps to check their rank through rank.

  • Select the JEE Main 2023 rank tab.

  • Enter your details; You will be asked to input your name, registration number, date of birth, category, and so on.

  • In the next step, enter your expected JEE Main (Paper 1) score, which you expect to get on the JEE Main exam.

  • Submit details; Submit the form once your information has been entered.

  • Click on the ‘Predict My Rank’ tab: Your inputs will be used by the JEE Main rank predictor tool to predict your rank. On the screen, the expected rank will be displayed.

Remember, the predicted rank is not guaranteed to be accurate, but it might help you determine where you stand and which universities you can enter.

How to Use JEE Main 2023 Rank Predictor Through Score?

  • Once you've opted for a rank-predicting tool, launch it in your browser.

  • Your JEE Main 2023 score will be requested (out of 300). In the provided space, enter your projected score. To receive an accurate prediction, make sure you enter the score correctly.

  • Next, you will be asked to provide basic information such as your name, registration number, date of birth, category, etc. Fill in all of the needed information precisely.

  • After entering all the information, click the ‘Predict My Rank’ button. The rank predictor tool will predict your rank in the JEE Main 2023 exam based on your score and other information.

  • Your expected rank will be displayed on the screen once the prediction procedure is complete. You can also get a list of colleges you can attend based on your expected rank.

How to Use JEE Percentile Calculator?

Follow these steps to use the  percentile calculator JEE:

  • Search for Vedantu JEE Main and JEE Advanced percentile predictor tool.

  • Visit the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) website, which offers a JEE percentile calculator.

  • Enter your JEE Main or JEE Advanced score in the provided input box.

  • Choose your categories, such as General, OBC, SC, ST, or any other reserved category.

  • To obtain your JEE percentile score, click the 'Calculate' button.

  • Your percentage score, All India Rank (AIR), and category rank will be displayed on the screen.

Note: The JEE percentile score is calculated using the relative performance of all exam applicants. It shows the percentage of candidates that got less than or equal to your exam score. The greater your percentile score, the higher your exam rank.

JEE Main Rank Predictor 2023 - Key features

  • Score-based Prediction: You can use the rank predictor tool to anticipate your rank by entering your expected JEE Main 2023 result before announcing actual JEE Main results.

  • College Predictor: The tool may also have a college predictor feature, which proposes colleges based on your expected rank.

  • Multiple Exam Attempts: Rank predictors may also allow you to enter your prior JEE Main exam grades to achieve a more accurate prediction.

  • Previous-year Trend Analysis: The program may analyze the previous year's data to estimate the predicted cutoff and provide information on how many students may have scored similarly.

  • Some rank predictors may include ratings and feedback from previous users, which can help you determine how accurate and dependable the tool is.


JEE Rank Predictor can help candidates assess their preparation and adapt their strategy accordingly. Candidates can use JEE Rank Predictor to create realistic goals, track the progress, and make informed preparation decisions.

FAQs on JEE Rank Predictor

1. What is JEE Rank Predictor?

JEE Rank Predictor is an application that helps JEE applicants anticipate their exam rank based on their performance in practice exams and data from prior years.

2. How does JEE Rank Predictor work?

JEE Rank Predictor analyses a candidate's performance in mock examinations and the previous year's data to produce an estimated rank.

3. Is JEE Rank Predictor accurate?

The accuracy of JEE Rank Predictor is determined by several elements, including the quality of mock examinations, the previous year's data, and the candidate's performance. While the forecasts are not always correct, they might provide helpful information about a candidate's performance.

4. Can JEE Rank Predictor guarantee admission to a particular college?

No, JEE Rank Predictor cannot promise admission to a specific college because it is only a tool that estimates a rank based on the previous year's data and mock examinations.

5. Can JEE Rank Predictor be used for other engineering entrance exams?

No, JEE Rank Predictor is designed just for the JEE exam and cannot be utilised for other engineering entrance exams.

6. Is JEE Rank Predictor free to use?

Yes, JEE Rank Predictor is free on Vedantu platforms.