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JEE Marks and Rank 2023


JEE Marks vs Percentile vs Rank 2023

Are you looking up for your JEE 2023 score with respect to percentile and rank? Well you Look nowhere else! Here you will learn how to use the JEE marks and rank 2023 formulas to analyse your rank based on your performance on the JEE 2023 exam in this article. Applicants can utilise the NTA algorithm to determine their JEE 2023 exam percentile scores. Before the announcement of the JEE result 2023, the JEEs percentile can be used to determine the anticipated rank. Check expected IIT JEE 2023 percentile vs marks below.

Last updated date: 01st Jun 2023
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Why are JEE Result Showed in Percentile?

As there is a chance that the difficulty level of the questions may vary between the two sessions of the JEE exam, normalisation is considered as a solution to this problem. Instead of being the real marks, the normalisation of marks is a comparison score that is determined using the NTA method.

  • The normalisation formula is used by NTA to generate a percentile score for Chemistry, Math, and Physics after aggregating the students' marks.

  • Each section's highest score will be given a percentile of 100.

  • The JEE merit list is also created using this percentile score.

  • To prevent ties between two applicants, the percentile score is calculated to seven decimal places.

  • Only once the normalisation procedure is complete is the final JEE percentile determined. This score is determined for each session on a scale of 100 to 0.

Score on the JEE Percentile

The JEE percentile score is determined by comparing an applicant's performance to that of all other candidates who took the exam. Both the percentage score and the raw marks are not relevant.

Applicants may benefit by estimating rank prior to the NTA's official pronouncement, but only if they have sufficient knowledge of how to access it. They should also be knowledgeable about crucial elements like tiebreakers and the normalisation process in order to better understand how JEE Marks vs Percentile is determined.

JEE Marks vs Percentile

Students need to know their percentile as well as the rank that will be given to them in connection to their percentile. Students must also understand which rank is allocated to each percentile in addition to fully understanding how JEE grades relate to percentile.

The predicted percentile vs marks data generated by analysing the results from prior years are shown below. Students can estimate their JEE percentile with their JEE score using the JEE percentile vs marks score.

JEE Percentile vs Rank

Percentile vs rank statistics will be ready shortly. This is due to a multiple factors, which includes,

  • The number of questions in paper

  • The level of difficulty of the exam

  • Variations in prior year JEE marks and rank, etc.

Rules for JEE Tiebreakers

When two or more students receive equivalent scores, the rules listed below are followed. The NTA ensures a fair distribution of marks and balance in the ranking system.

  • Applicants with higher Mathematics percentile scores will be ranked higher.

  • If the tie remains, the applicant with the higher Physics percentile will be assigned the higher slot.

  • If a tie still exists, the applicant with the higher Chemistry percentile score will be ranked higher.

  • If there is still a tie, older applicants will be given priority.

JEE Cut-Off

Here is a tentative JEE Cut-off list to help students estimate and analyse their scores. Based on these cut-off scores, students can predict which colleges they are qualified to attend.














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FAQs on JEE Marks and Rank 2023

1. What is the difference between JEE Main marks vs percentile vs rank?

JEE Main marks represent the total marks obtained by a candidate in the examination, percentile represents the percentage of candidates who have scored lower than the candidate in the examination, and rank represents the position of the candidate among all the candidates who have appeared for the examination.

2. How much percentile is required for NIT?

To be eligible for NITs, general category candidates must receive a minimum 95+ percentile score. An 80+ percentile score is required for candidates from the reserved category to be admitted to NITs.

3. What is the difference between JEE Main marks and percentile?

JEE Main marks represent the total marks obtained by a candidate in the examination, while percentile represents the percentage of candidates who have scored lower than the candidate in the examination.

4. How is percentile calculated in JEE Main?

The percentile in JEE Main is calculated based on the performance of all the candidates who have appeared for the examination. The raw scores obtained by the candidates are converted into percentile scores using a normalization process.

5. How Can I Obtain JEE Main Rank 2023?

Candidates must follow the processes outlined below to obtain the JEE Main 2023 rank list.

Step 1: Navigate to the official JEE main website.

Step 2: Go to the JEE Main 2023 rank list.

Step 3: Type in your registration ID and password.

Step 4: Choose the 'Download' option to obtain the JEE Main rank list 2023.

Step 5: Save the ranking list for future use.