JEE Main Rank List 2020

Updated News on JEE main rank list 2020

The rules of JEE have changed with time. Even after getting your JEE Mains result for the January exam, the candidates are still unaware about their JEE main 2020 rank. In this article, we present you with all the necessary details. Here you will find out when the JEE main rank list 2020 will be released and why it is taking so much time. There is a reason why JEE main rank 2020 is still not out. Read below to know more.

When will JEE Main Rank List be Out?

From 2019 onwards, JEE Main is conducted twice a year. Earlier, students were allowed to take the exam only three times. Now that the exam itself is being conducted twice a year, students are allowed to take the exam 6 times - two attempts per year. There is a limit on the number of years you can attempt in. That limit remains 3.

JEE main rank declaration will only be made after the second round of the exam. So even though the JEE 2020 January exam has been completed, you have to wait for the second round to get over. After you take the second round of the exam, your best results among the two will be judged to assign you a rank.

What is the Date of JEE Main Rank Publication?

Now that you know that the JEE main rank date will be announced after the second leg of the exam, you naturally would want to know when the second round of exam will begin. JEE Main will be conducted from 5th to 11th April 2020. The result for the April round will be declared on 30th April. It is on 30th April that the JEE main rank declaration will happen.

As of now, you can check the JEE Main Jan 2020 result as a percentile.

How to Check JEE Main Jan 2020 Result?

In order to see the JEE Main 2020 (January) result, you have to visit the JEE website and click the JEE Main January 2020 Results link from the left-hand side menu. You will need your application number and date of birth to log in and view the result. You will only be able to see the NTA scores and percentile based on the scores. JEE main 2020 rank will be declared after the April round.

Apply For the April Round with Your January 2020 Exam Credentials 

If you have already applied for the January 2020 JEE Main exam, you do not need to freshly register for the April round of JEE Main. You can log in with your existing credentials. This will save time and will make your experience hassle-free. 

Apply For the April Round Even If You Had Not Taken the January Exam 

If you did not take the January round of JEE Main 2020, you can still apply for the April round. For students who make two attempts in a year, the better of the two attempts will be considered for rank determination. As for the students who have made a single attempt, their results from the corresponding attempts will be judged. 

What are the Important Dates of JEE Main 2020?

Following are the Important Dates of JEE MAin 2020:

JEE Main, January 2020 Exam Date 

6th To 9th January 2020

JEE Main January Session Result Announced On 

17th January 2020

JEE Main 2020, April Session Exam Dates 

5th to 11th April 2020

JEE Main 2020, April Session Result Date 

By 30th April


JEE Main, April 2020 - Form Submission Has Started

You can apply for the JEE Main, April 2020 session now. The online application acceptance has started from 7th February and it will continue till 6th March. You can download the admit card from 20th March onwards. After the April exam, you can expect the release of JEE main rank 2020

JEE Main 2020 Marking Scheme

The marking scheme remains the same for the JEE Main, April 2020. You will be awarded 4 marks for each correct answer and you will lose 1 mark for each incorrect answer. However, you will not fall prey to negative marking if you leave the question unattended.

JEE Main Will Decide If You Qualify For JEE Advanced

JEE main rank declaration is particularly important because this rank will decide if you will be able to sit for the JEE Advanced and get into the coveted IIT. As of 2019, the top 2 lakh 30 thousand candidates who pass the JEE Main exam will only be able to take the JEE Advanced.

What is the use of JEE Main if JEE Advanced Ultimately Decides your Career?

JEE Advanced is obviously important as it opens the door to IIT. However, JEE Main, too, is useful. If you crack the JEE main, you can get into NITs, IIITs (Not to be confused with IITs), and other top-notch institutes. So even if you fail to qualify in JEE Advanced but have qualified in JEE Main your career prospect is bright.

What are the Changes in the Exam Pattern? 

JEE Main has Thrown Up Some Surprises 

  • The number of questions has been reduced to 75 from the earlier set 90.

  • When the number of questions is reduced, the difficulty level is increased.

  • Introduction of Numerical Value questions. 

  • NVT questions will have no negative marking

  • Fully computer-based. You will not be allowed to use the pen-paper answering method.

Surprises will be there. Changes, as we know, have always been the only constant. But if you study strategically, you will definitely come out with flying colours. 

JEE main rank declaration is all set to happen on 30th April. The rank will decide if you will be able to qualify for JEE Advanced. However, always remember even if you fail to qualify for JEE Advanced, there will be ample opportunities for you if you just crack the JEE Mains. There is a world beyond IITs. Study hard and smart. Do what all you can do and leave the rest to the universe. Best of luck for your upcoming exam!