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JEE Main Chapter Specific Previous Year Question and Answer


Enhance your JEE Main Preparation with Chapter Specific Previous Year Question and Answer Practice

JEE Main chapter-wise questions and solutions for all three topics (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) are available here for students. Our subject-matter specialists meticulously created the solutions presented here, bearing in mind all of the current advances in the entrance exam.

In essence, prior year subject and chapter-wise JEE Main questions are a dependable study tool since it includes all of the major topics and chapters. Reading through each of them will undoubtedly help applicants improve their preparation and, as a result, achieve higher grades.

Applicants will discover the most significant JEE Main questions, which will help each student comprehend the various subjects. Furthermore, these questions cover all of the important aspects that may be missed in other IIT JEE preparation tools.

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JEE Mains Previous Year Questions Chapter Wise PDF Download

JEE Main chapter-wise questions are made up of a large collection of fully solved previous years' examinations. The solutions have been supplied in a straightforward and methodical manner, allowing students to readily comprehend the principles and solve a range of situations. They are essential tools for each aspirant.

JEE mains previous year questions chapter wise pdf download. To view the files, click on the links provided below.

Sl. No.

JEE Main Previous Year Questions Chapter Wise PDF Download


JEE Main Chemistry Previous Year Chapter Wise pdf download- 2022


JEE Main Mathematics Previous Year Chapter Wise pdf download- 2021


JEE Main Physics Previous Year Chapter Wise pdf download- 2020


JEE Main (Physics, Chemistry, Maths)  Previous Year Chapter Wise pdf download- 2019


JEE Main( Physics, Chemistry, Maths)  Previous Year Chapter Wise pdf download- 2018

JEE Main Chapter Wise Questions – Advantages

  • Understand the sorts of questions, the difficulty level, and the key areas to concentrate on.

  • Enhance your problem-solving and time-management skills.

  • Revision and practise that works. Candidates may begin by answering the questions and then double-checking their answers. Students will gain real-world test experience.

  • Students can also assess their level of readiness based on the outcomes. They can recognise and improve on their own talents and weaknesses.

  • Responding to the questions would enhance candidates' confidence. They will be able to answer any question.

A dedicated and determined learner will undoubtedly benefit from the questions and solutions provided. We at Vedantu have done our utmost to ensure that the PDFs and online content are error-free. We also want to take advantage of this chance to assist each kid flourish and ace the admission exam.

Students may also investigate or enrol in Vedantu Online LIVE JEE sessions in order to adequately prepare for the national level IIT JEE examinations.

Avoid Mistakes for Preparation- JEE Mains Previous Year Question Papers Chapter wise

Study materials are created after extensive study so that students may profit from them, yet many students misuse them. Here's why you don't have to do anything if you're utilising the JEE main previous year question paper with chapter-wise solutions.

1. Don't Rely Entirely on it: JEE Mains Previous Year Question Papers Chapter Wise study material is not made in such a way that a student can entirely rely on it; it is only for reference purposes. A student can improve their preparation by using it. Nonetheless, some students believe that if they solve all of the previous year's quotes, they would easily pass the JEE test. We advise such pupils not to rely entirely on it, but rather to work on increasing their conceptual learning.

2. Don't Utilise the Offered Answers on the First Try: Many students make the mistake of referring to the answers published in the JEE Mains chapter wise PYQ when they get stuck on a question. Hence, instead of using the offered solutions right away, wait till you make your own effort.

3. Never Attempt to Memorise Questions and Answers with the Incorrect Intention: That is, you should not use the JEE main previous year question paper with solution chapter wise to memorise all of the answers and questions in the mistaken belief that you can do so.


JEE Main chapterwise questions are an important element of your test preparation. These questions help you grasp the topics thoroughly and give you an idea of the sorts of questions that will be asked in the test. These questions are available from a variety of sources, including PDF downloads, websites, and study resources. Make an effort to answer as many chapter-specific questions as possible in order to improve your chances of passing the JEE Main test.

FAQs on JEE Main Chapter Specific Previous Year Question and Answer

1.  What is the weightage of each section in IIT JEE 2023?

Every year, the pattern of JEE Main 2023 remains the same. It is vital to remember that students must choose between the two tests, Paper-1 for engineering, which has both online and offline components, and Paper-2 for architecture students, which is solely a pen and paper examination. Paper 1 comprises 75 questions with a maximum score of 360. It is broken into three sections: physics, chemistry, and mathematics, each with 25 questions and a time limit of three hours.

2. How to score well in the IIT JEE examination 2023?

Answering prior year question papers assists a student in understanding the pattern of the question paper and analysing it logically. In any case, JEE does not repeat the questions in phases as they are, but they may modify the values while keeping the concept the same. This would assist pupils in comprehending the vital issues to be discussed. Vedantu seeks to assist students in gaining admission to their selected universities by providing complete notes, practise exam papers, JEE Main syllabus, previous year papers with expert instructor answers, and live doubts sessions. To learn more, go visit Vedantu's app or website.

3. Why is the IIT JEE paper considered the toughest to crack?

Because of the exceedingly restricted number of seats available and the enormous number of students taking the test, the IIT JEE is one of the most difficult exams in the world. It also offers a broad curriculum organised into three subjects. Another reason it is referred to as a difficult test is because of its high cut-off rates, which have been growing due to increased competition. Because the JEE examination is so unexpected, it is best to be prepared from every angle. Solving previous year question papers will undoubtedly help you prepare for the entrance exam.

4. How Does Vedantu Help Students Perform Better in JEE Main 2023?

Vedantu is India's premier Ed-tech portal. Vedantu's primary goal is to educate students with high-quality education while also instilling in them a feeling of enthusiasm and passion to learn. It also encourages and supports the idea of learning from the comfort of your own home for improved performance. As a result, students may take advantage of LIVE online, two-way interactive sessions from specialists to assist them pass the JEE Main 2023 test. Students are also given question and answer sessions to help them comprehend ideas better. In addition, students may obtain solved previous year question papers, practise papers, and mock tests for the JEE Main 2023 paper to assist them improve their performance.

5. How to Develop Better Skills for Solving JEE Questions?

Practice makes perfect, and the same is true for JEE examinations. JEE, unlike conventional board examinations, is a competitive test. It assesses more than just your intellectual comprehension of the curriculum. It puts your knowledge, accuracy, and decision-making abilities to the test. As a result, the research strategy will change. You must practise as many previous year's question papers and take as many mock exams as feasible. Students must rehearse, analyse and arrive at the correct answers in the smallest amount of time because the syllabus is already being studied for board examinations. This may be accomplished by repeatedly practising prior year's question papers.