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JEE Main and Advanced Courses 2023


Vedantu’s JEE Main and Advanced Courses| Enroll in the Best Courses

JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is one of the most competitive and challenging entrance exams for students seeking admission to undergraduate engineering courses in India. The exam is conducted in two phases - JEE Main and JEE Advanced. JEE Main is the first stage of the exam, while JEE Advanced is the second stage. It is important to note that only those students who qualify for JEE Main are eligible to appear for JEE Advanced. To crack this exam, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the JEE course syllabus, the different types of JEE courses available and their fee structure.

JEE Courses List of Vedantu

At Vedantu, we understand the importance of JEE courses in a student's life, and that's why we offer a range of JEE courses that cater to different types of students. Our JEE courses are designed to help students master the concepts and skills required to crack the JEE exams and achieve their dream of getting admission into the top engineering colleges in India. We will take a closer look at the JEE course details of Vedantu and how they can help you ace the JEE exams.

Vedantu provides you with the best courses for JEE Main and JEE Advanced. You can enroll in the two-year IIT JEE course or the JEE Main crash course and JEE Advanced crash course.

The list of types of JEE courses offered by Vedantu is as follows:

  • JEE long-term course

  • JEE crash course (specifically designed for 12 pass-out students)

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JEE Course Details of Vedantu for Long-Term Course

The JEE long-term course offers coaching for both the JEE Main and JEE Advanced courses. For students in Class 11, the long-term programme contains chapters and preparation for and assistance on important concepts.

As a recommendation, we advise students entering the 11th grade to join this course, as it will offer them the most advantages. It will be very helpful for the school examinations and the competitive tests if they can understand the topics and have a clearer subjective and objective knowledge of the subjects after taking the course.

The list of JEE Main course and JEE Advanced course by Vedantu are as follows:

Benefits of JEE Long-Term Course

Students must choose this as their IIT JEE preparation course if they want to build a solid foundation for their engineering admission exams. The advantages of Vedantu's long-term programme are as follows.

  • Online classes conducted by master teachers

  • All India test series for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced

  • Live in-class doubt-solving

  • Assignments and class notes (PDF)

  • Live in-class quizzes and leaderboard

  • Study material (Tatva PDF)

  • Regular test series for JEE (Every 14 days)

  • A replay of classes

JEE Crash Course Details of Vedantu

Students who want to quickly review JEE contents and brush up on ideas crucial for the JEE entrance exams in 2022 can choose this training. The course is intended primarily for students who have finished their formal education. The topics are presented in both Hindi and English, and students have the option of learning in either language. This is a crucial factor to keep in mind.

Unlike the JEE long-term course, the JEE Advanced crash course incorporates the key ideas from both the JEE Main and JEE Advanced courses. The program's goal is to give students a thorough understanding of the crucial subjects from a competitive standpoint.

Students who have finished the 12th exams are eligible to join the programme.

Benefits of JEE Crash Course

Students must comprehend the advantages and extent of the course before registering for it. Vedantu's course covers the topics and syllabus for both the JEE Main and JEE Advanced examination exams. Details about the benefits offered in the JEE crash course are provided below:

  • 90+ recorded interactive classes

  • 10 part tests

  • Ten full tests

  • 500+ practice quizzes

  • LIVE doubt-solving during the class

JEE Course Fees in Vedantu

We believe that quality education should be accessible to everyone, so we offer a range of JEE courses at affordable prices. Our JEE course fees are designed to suit different budgets and requirements so that every student can access expert guidance and coaching without breaking the bank.

For the fee details of the IIT JEE course in Vedantu, you can further check out the links given below:

IIT JEE Course Syllabus

Cracking the IIT JEE exam requires not only hard work and dedication and a clear understanding of the IIT JEE course syllabus. The IIT JEE course syllabus is vast and covers a wide range of tosics, chemistry, and mathematics topics. Students need to have a thorough understanding of the syllabus, as it helps them plan their preparation strategy and focus on areas that need more attention.

We suggest you go through the entire IIT JEE course syllabus following in Vedantu for better preparation. You can download it for free from our website. The links for the same are provided below:


JEE Main and Advanced Courses in 2023 are expected to bring new challenges and opportunities for aspiring engineering students. With the recent changes in the exam pattern and the increasing competition, it is crucial for students to stay focused and dedicated towards their preparation.

The JEE Main and Advanced courses provide a comprehensive curriculum, covering all the essential topics and concepts required for cracking the exams. With proper guidance and regular practice, students can achieve their desired rank and get admission into the top engineering colleges in India. However, it is essential to remember that success in these exams is not just about securing a seat in a prestigious institute but also about developing the skills and knowledge required to excel in the field of engineering.

FAQs on JEE Main and Advanced Courses 2023

1. What are the different courses available under JEE Main?

JEE Main offers admission to various undergraduate engineering courses, including B.E./B.Tech, B.Arch, and B.Planning. The B.E./B.Tech program covers various branches of engineering, such as Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and more. B.Arch is a five-year undergraduate program in Architecture, and B.Planning is a four-year undergraduate program in Planning.

2. Do I need to prepare for all the courses under JEE Main?

No, you need to choose the course you want to apply for and prepare accordingly. If you are interested in B.E./B.Tech, you need to focus on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, which are the subjects covered in the JEE Main Paper-1. If you are interested in B.Arch or B.Planning, you need to prepare for the JEE Main Paper-2, which includes Mathematics, Aptitude, and Drawing. It is advisable to check the syllabus and exam pattern before starting your preparation for any course under JEE Main.

3. What is the difference between JEE Main course and JEE Main crash course?

A JEE Main course covers the entire syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, whereas a JEE Main crash course covers only the essential topics required for cracking the exam. A JEE Main course is usually conducted over a longer duration, while a JEE Main crash course is conducted over a shorter duration.

4. Is it easy to achieve a 150 in the JEE Mains within ten days?

In JEE Main, achieving 150 or 200 points is not difficult. You need a solid strategy, commitment, and persistent dedication in the remaining period. Recognise your areas of strength and work on your JEE Main-relevant weaker topics. You can accomplish your objective if you use the right plan of action.

5. What topic is crucial for IIT JEE preparation?

To do well in the exam, all JEE applicants should study the topics on the syllabus. Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry topics and concepts from classes 11 and 12 make up the IIT JEE exam syllabus. You can follow the syllabus of IIT JEE preparation course provided by Vedantu.