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College Predictor JEE 2023


JEE College Predictor Tool: Analyse and Know your Best-suited College

Have you attended the JEE exam? Use the JEE college predictor tool of Vedantu to know the potential list of colleges you might attend.

The JEE 2023 college predictor tool is an automated program that analyses to determine the colleges that are best suited for students based on their JEE rankings and scores. The Predictor tool's requirements and operation are detailed here.

One of the most common goals of students is to attend a prominent university and the top 10 engineering universities that accept JEE scores. This can be get known through the predictor based on your JEE rank, home state, caste, gender, and other criteria.

Last updated date: 27th May 2023
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Important Details Needed for Using the JEE 2023 College Predictor Tool

Candidates must provide the JEE paper-1 exam details when utilising the JEE 2023 college predictor tool. The following information is required to use the JEE 2023 college predictor tool.

  • JEE Paper 1 category rank (overall rank if GEN)

  • Home state name

  • Caste group

  • Gender

  • Specially Abled

How Does the JEE College Predictor Tool 2023 Work?

Candidates can use the JEE College prediction tool 2023 in just a few minutes. When the JEE 2023 results are made public, students will need to know their overall score in order to predict their acceptance into the IIT JEE College 2023. Applicants can learn how the Vedantu JEE College predictor tool works by following the steps below.

  • Visit engineering Vedantu's JEE College Predictor for more information.

  • Choose the counseling procedure.

  • Input your overall JEE rank.

  • Choose your home state and caste.

  • Choose the gender and special needs (if any)

  • Choose the ‘Predict My College’ link.

  • JEE 2023 colleges will be displayed depending on the information provided above.

Top 10 Engineering Colleges that Accept JEE Scores

The JEE 2023 college predictor tool will list colleges accepting the JEE result. We have compiled a list of the top ten engineering institutes that accept the JEE result.

  • National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli

  • National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal

  • National Institute of Technology Rourkela

  • ICT Mumbai 

  • Amrita Viswa Vidyaoeetham, Coimbatore

  • National Institute of Technology Warangal

  • SRM University Chennai

  • JMI New Delhi

  • Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan, Bhubaneswar

  • Thapar University

JEE College Predictor 2023 - Benefits and Key Features 


The JEE College predictor tool informs candidates about the colleges they get admitted to based on rank. Furthermore, with the help of the JEE college predictor tool, 2023 students can learn about universities that accept JEE results in addition to NITs, IIITs, and CFITs.

Key Features: 

The College Predictor JEE 2023 has several essential elements that distinguish it as a unique tool. The following are the key elements of the JEE College Predictor tool 2023:

  • It is a simple, easy-to-use tool that everyone may use.

  • It is a reliable tool.

  • It uses advanced AI to anticipate higher engineering universities where students may like to enroll in India.

  • Sends a full report of potential colleges introduced to the tool and colleges to candidates' registered e-mail addresses.

  • It assists candidates in predicting their chances of admission to engineering institutes before the announcement of the JEE cut-off.

  • Students can compare colleges by examining last year's trends. Applicants can also tailor their results by entering their college preferences on the JEE College Predictor tool 2023.


The JEE 2023 exam is held by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission to BTech and BArch courses at NITs, IIITs, and GFTIs. Candidates can use the JEE college predictor tool 2023 to see which institutions they may be eligible to attend depending on the NTA JEE result 2023. Following the announcement of the results, the JoSAA 2023 counseling will be held in several sessions. Each round of seat allocation will include announcements of institute-specific based on cut-offs. To find out which colleges you might visit, use Vedantu's JEE college predictor tool and join your dream college!

FAQs on College Predictor JEE 2023

1. How does JEE College Predictor work?

JEE College Predictor works by taking the JEE score and other relevant details such as category, state, and preferred branches, and predicting the colleges that the candidate is likely to get admission to.

2. Is JEE College Predictor accurate?

JEE College Predictor is an online tool that uses algorithms to predict the colleges a candidate is likely to get admission to based on their JEE scores. While it provides a general idea of the colleges, it is not always accurate, as it depends on various factors such as cut-offs, availability of seats, and other criteria.

3. Is JEE College Predictor free to use?

Yes, many online platforms like Vedantu offer free JEE College Predictor tools that candidates can use to predict their chances of getting admission to various colleges based on their JEE scores.

4. Can JEE College Predictor predict the branch of engineering a candidate will get in a college?

Yes, some JEE College Predictor tools provide predictions of the branch of engineering that a candidate is likely to get in a particular college based on their JEE scores and other details.

5. Can JEE College Predictor predict the chances of getting admission to state-level engineering colleges?

Yes, JEE College Predictor can predict the candidate's chances of getting admission to state-level engineering colleges based on their JEE scores and other details, depending on the database of the predictor tool.