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Class 11 CBSE (PCM)

Class 11 CBSE Online Classes 2023-24 Science PCM (Full Year Course)

Affordable Class 11 Online Classes from Vedantu. Our Online Coaching for Class 11 provides an interactive learning environment for all boards with master teachers & flexible batches.
Subjects Covered :
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Course plans

LIVEclasses by master teachers
LIVEin-class doubt solving
LIVEin-class quizzes and leaderboard
LIVEdiscussion of practice questions
After Class
Assignments and class notes
Digital study material (PDF)
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Stories that inspire

I had a great experience at Vedantu. All my concepts were clear and I felt confident while appearing for the board exams

Stories that inspire

Arya VermaStudent

98.4% CBSE XII

The LIVE Interactive classes with visual explanations helped me learn and retain all the topics better.

Stories that inspire

Akshat KumarStudent

98.2% CBSE XII

The fact that I could learn every topic at my own pace was extremely helpful. The Master Teachers supported me every step of the way

Stories that inspire

Ritika KumariStudent

97.8% CBSE XII
Stories that inspire

Chandvi TanejaStudent

"NEET score 575

Achieve Academic Excellence: Join Full Year CBSE Class 11 Live Sessions by Master Teachers for 2023-24

Are you looking for comprehensive and engaging online classes for Class 11 CBSE Science PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) for the academic year 2023-24? Look no further than Vedantu's Class 11 CBSE Online Classes! Our specially designed full-year syllabus course is tailored to meet the needs of CBSE students, providing them with top-notch education and exam preparation.

Experience the power of live learning with our expert master teachers who bring the subjects to life. With real-time doubt-solving, interactive quizzes, assignments, and digital study materials, our program ensures a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Holistic Education at its Best - Expert Guidance

Immerse yourself in live interactive sessions led by our team of master teachers of class 11 CBSE Online Classes. These experienced educators have a deep understanding of the CBSE curriculum and employ effective teaching strategies to help you grasp complex concepts with ease.

Live In-Class Doubt Solving

Say goodbye to lingering doubts! Our live Online Classes for 11 CBSE provide the perfect platform to have your questions answered instantly. Our master teachers are committed to addressing your queries, ensuring a thorough understanding of the concepts discussed. Clear your doubts in real-time and stay confident in your knowledge.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Measure your progress and compete with your peers through our live in-class quizzes and leaderboard for Class 11 Science PCM. These interactive sessions not only test your understanding but also make learning enjoyable. Sharpen your skills, track your growth, and aim for the top spot on the leaderboard with Vedantu’s Online Classes. 

Assignments and Class Notes

Reinforce your learning with well-designed assignments that cover key concepts. Our master teachers provide comprehensive class notes that serve as valuable resources for exam preparation. Stay organised, review important topics, and consolidate your knowledge effectively. Make this a reason to search and find out ‘Vedantu’s Online classes near me’.

Flexibility is Key to Our Online Classes

Students can learn at their own pace and conveniently schedule their study sessions with our online classes for class 11 CBSE Science PCM. Whether you prefer morning or evening classes, our platform offers flexible timings to cater to diverse student needs.

Digital Study Material (PDF)

Access a vast collection of digital study materials in PDF format by enrolling in our live Online Classes for 11 CBSE Science PCM. These materials complement the live classes, offering in-depth explanations, examples, and practice exercises. Whether you prefer self-paced learning or need additional resources for revision, our PDF study materials are at your fingertips. 

Vedantu’s Full Year Courses: Enrol and Learn Online

Don't miss the opportunity to thrive in your Class 11 CBSE Science PCM studies with Vedantu's full year syllabus online classes for the academic year 2023-24. Enroll your child and provide them with a strong foundation for academic success. Experience the benefits of live classes by master teachers. Enhance your understanding, excel in exams, and embrace a dynamic learning journey with Vedantu. Give your child the advantage they deserve Enroll today and unlock your full potential!

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose between Hindi and English language while selecting batches?
Yes, students can choose the language as per their choice.
Can I change teacher If I am not able to understand?
Yes, students can choose from the list of teachers whose classes are available at that moment.
Will I get class notes and assignments?
Yes, every class has assignments linked to it. Class notes can be downloaded right after the class is over.
Will I get study material for practice?
Yes, PDF copy of study material is provided to all students but the hard copy of study material is sent only to Ai LIVE Plus and Live PRO students. Ai LIVE students get only pdf of study material.(Tatva)
Can I choose class timings as per my convenience?
Yes, students can choose batches according to their convenience as per availability of batches.
Will I get a test series?
Yes, topic wise tests will be conducted after every two weeks. Students will get a phase test in the middle of the syllabus. More than 10 full tests will be conducted after completion of syllabus.
Will I get a revision after the syllabus is completed?
Yes, all students will get revision after syllabus completion.
Will I get recordings of classes?
Yes, recordings are available right after the scheduled classes. Students can watch the recordings if they could not attend the class or if they want to watch it again.