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World Day against Child Labour - Significance and Stand

By Prateet SarkarJune 06, 2022
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In the year 2002, Child Labour was taken up as a major issue by the International Labour Organization (ILO), which decided to observe a day, 12 June to be specific, to spread awareness regarding the evils and atrocities related to putting a child up for work that hampers their childhood. 

This day is observed each year by millions, commoners and the elite alike, to draw attention to the massive outspread of child labour around the globe. Our society needs to come together and work towards eradicating this cancerous blemish from the face of civilization. 

When is World Day Against Child Labour Observed?

World Day against Child Labour is observed on June 12 every year with an aim to erase the outspread of child labour worldwide. 

What is Child Labour?

The definition of child labour is pretty self-explanatory. The focus here is on the word ‘labour’. Child labour is defined as a kind of work that a child does or is forced to do that affects their schooling, play-time, physical health, mental health, and so on. Therefore, not all kinds of work taken up b a child or an adolescent person can be branded as child labour. 

The issue of child labour stands sensitive in today’s world and needs ready addressing in every state and nation. To do that, first, we need to identify the categories that child labour can be divided into.

Categories of Child Labour that You Can Identify

  • Slavery - This is by far the worst kind of physical and emotional pain that can be inflicted upon a little child. It takes away children's right to make decisions for themselves and live by their own ways and mannerisms.  

  • Child Trafficking -  This is a kind of child labour where sex work is generally imposed on a kid to make money out of their misery.

  • Debt Bondage - This type of labour is brought upon a child when the child or their parents are not able to pay the money they owe to someone, for which the child needs to compensate by obeying the lender.

  • Forced Labour - This is simply forcing a child to work, be it by the parents or someone else, in order to make profits by deploying cheap labour.  

  • Children in Armed Conflict -  This type of child labour is simply saddening. Recruiting youngsters to go out and wage wars and battles to appease the thirst of the politically strong heads is something that can be considered mass murder and a work of the Devil.

  • Children Working in Illegal Sectors - Many children are utilised all around the globe in carrying out illegal activities, from smuggling illegal substances to peddling drugs in localities.

Problems of Child Labour

If we sit and count the number of kids who are subjected to unethical labour, the digits will be nothing but shocking. A report shares a count of over 218 million children who work instead of going to school, and most of them are full-time labourers. The major cause behind this act is the gift of cheap labour. 

Nobody will pay a child a sum that adults can expect for delivering similar duties. Most children are ill-fed and lack the strength and nutrition that a healthy child should ideally have. The hazardous environments that most of these children work in are simply brutal.

Solutions to Child Labour

The only solution to get these children a proper life is the actual implementation of strict laws against child labour. There are legal authorities that relentlessly work towards ameliorating the condition of these children, but the enforcement needs further fuel and vigour. Proper vigilance on such activities needs to be laid out. 

5 Ways to Eradicate Child Labour

  1. Spreading Awareness - This is the first and foremost step that should be taken by everyone in society who is aware of the evils of child labour. This can be in the form of holding rallies to as little as making a poster at school. Everyone has a part to play in letting the world know about the tragedies that some children live through.

  2. Making Stringent Laws and Properly Implementing Them - Laws against child labour have been prevalent. However, not all of them are implemented. In fact, most people are not aware of such laws that the Constitution has laid out. The police need to be more vigilant, carry out raids in factories and workplaces, and the public needs to report such activities immediately upon identification.  

  3. Making School Available for All - School is a blessing for children who have suffered the perils of child labour. Education is what they want and what they need. The most powerful weapon against any kind of social evil is proper education and a healthy thought process. To nourish the children in the lap of knowledge is the need of the hour.

  4. Supporting NGOs that Work with Children - NGOs are a go-to place for extending help when it comes to aiding children subjected to child labour. There are many organisations that cater to such children who need a ‘childhood’. You can start your own wonderful journey as an organisation or join hands with an existing body that raises funds to help children who need nutrition, education, and love. 

  5. Donating as and When Possible - Donating should not be something you do for display. It should be something that comes from within. It should be willful and with pure intent. It can be a sum of 100 bucks or a generous load of cash, but it should be properly directed at the appropriate cause to bring actual effect.

Child labour is often wrongly identified or, sometimes, overlooked. It is the duty of people who have the knowledge to see through the veils to let others know how sinful it is to snatch away a kid’s childhood. It is hard to put ourselves through the thought of something like that happening to our close ones, maybe our children. Why not stand for the cause against child labour and make life beautiful for every kid?