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Importance of VOLT to crack Olympiad 2021-22

By Vineet DwivediNovember 25, 2021
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Why VOLT is Important to Crack Olympiads?

VOLT - Vedantu Olympiad Litmus Test is a very prominent entry-level exam for Vedantu Olympiad School or a ticket to India’s biggest prep-fest for Maths & Science Olympiads.

The students who crack VOLT are eligible to be trained by India’s Top Olympiad Teachers, absolutely free! Also, they get the privilege to be part of mission Gold for India curated by Vedantu Olympiad School.

In this piece, we are going to tell all maths & science olympiad aspirants about the golden opportunity that they can have with their excellent minds.

So here you go,

Top-3 Reasons That Make VOLT Special for Olympiad Aspirants

Checks Your Preparation Level

Olympiad exams are considered one of the toughest examinations at the world level. One needs extraordinary problem understanding and solving skills to crack it. Also, students must have gone through the out of the box learning process. It is because Olympiads are not like our regular tests or board exams. It requires non-routine learning practices.

Hence, Vedantu has come out with an Olympiad preparatory test, popular with the name of VOLT- Vedantu Olympiad Litmus Test, curated by India’s top Olympiad teachers. It is as tough as any Olympiad exam, comprising exam pattern, marking scheme, question type, important topics as similar as a simulation of the original exam paper.

Offers Free Learning with India’s Top Teachers

If you crack VOLT, you’ll get a chance to learn from India’s top teachers absolutely free! The teachers who have decade long experience in producing olympiad winners.

  • Improving Weak Areas: Weak conceptual knowledge is an obstacle to cracking the competitive exams. Our Master Teachers know that from where to start and solve your complex perceptions for some important topics. In our Olympiad prep-fest programme, we have set up different sessions to strengthen your foundation knowledge regarding maths & science.

  • Personal Mentor: In order to be around you for solving your doubts and personal problems regarding academics and non-academics that are affecting your preparation. We have personal mentors who are always by your side to mentor you and motivate you for your exams.

  • Latest Study Material: Alongside our personal notes, we are always up with the latest study material to boost our student’s preparations certified by the government and following exam regulating bodies.

  • Introducing Non-Routine Learning: As we talked about it in our first point, Olympiad needs extraordinary thinking and problem-solving skills. Hence, here in our prep-fest for olympiads, our master teachers are going to increase your problem solving, logical & reasoning skills with time-bound activities, such as In-class assignments, rigorous test series, Mock- tests, test discussions, and HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills) learning.

A Chance to Make India Proud

Cracking and joining Vedantu’s prep-fest for India is way more than free classes for Olympiad preparations. All deserving candidates are going to be part of mission GOLD for India in the upcoming maths and science Olympiads-2022. To join the mission, you’ve to be very careful about your attendance and In-class everyday assignments.

Wanna join Mission Gold for India with Vedantu? Click here...

VOS- Vedantu Olympiad School

VOS is the one and only dedicated learning platform for all aspiring students who are preparing for the olympiads and various other national & international level competitive exams.

Here we add wings of extraordinary & out of the box learning practices to your prior academic knowledge so that you can get familiar with non-routine methods of learning, which are key to cracking the Olympiads.