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Why Every 10th Standard Student Should Appear for NTSE in 10th Grade?

By Sini M VargheseSeptember 06, 2021
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What is NTSE?

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE full form) was established in 1963 as national level scholarship program in India. The scheme's goal is to discover and develop gifted students. Science, social science, engineering, medicine, management, and law are all covered. It aids pupils in expanding their mental abilities as well as sharpening their thoughts. It is sponsored by NCERT and rewards exceptional students by offering a monthly scholarship.

NCERT administers the NTSE examination to students in Class X. You can register using the NTSE official website. The test is divided into two stages: Stage I (State Level) and Stage II (National Level) (National Level). Paper-I: Mental Ability Test (MAT) and Paper-II: Scholastic Aptitude Test make up the NTSE paper (SAT). There are several NTSE books for class 10 available to practice and at Vedantu we have specially designed batches focusing on NTSE with a study package for NTSE Class X.

The State/UT quota will be calculated proportionally based on the number of students enrolled in Class IX and X. Scholarships are granted under the current program to individuals who wish to pursue studies in sciences and social sciences up to doctorate level, as well as professional courses like as medicine and engineering up to second-degree level, provided they meet the requirements.

What are the Benefits of Taking the NTSE Class 10th?

  1. Scholarship: The most significant benefit is that students who pass the NTSE exam are eligible for scholarships from the federal government. After clearing NTSE, you will get a sum. Rs. 1250 per month for your high school studies and Rs. 2000 per month for undergraduate and graduate levels. According to UGC standards, you can even get financial support at the PhD level.  Students in the Science and Social Science streams are eligible for a scholarship up to the doctorate level, while students in professional courses are eligible for a scholarship up to the postgraduate level.

  2. Get Admission to Top Education Colleges in India: Some colleges reserve seats specifically for students with NTSE qualifications. The prestigious exam is the gateway to some of the best national and foreign institutions. NTSE fellows can pass the college entrance exam and enter college directly.

  3. Studying Abroad: Foreign universities and educational institutions are familiar with the NTSE olympiad scholarship exam, and will give priority to students who pass the exam. Therefore, if you are considering studying abroad or want to apply for a scholarship in the United States, you will definitely have an advantage over others.

  4. Confidence Booster: NTSE is a competitive exam and only 1,000 qualified students receive scholarships. Taking this exam requires perseverance and talent, and helps inspire confidence to face similar exams in the future. The test allows the student to know their position, points out strengths and weaknesses, and improves the student's ability to understand basic concepts.

  5. Advantage During Job Interviews: When applying for a job interview, your resume labelled "NTSE Scholar" is an added bonus. NTSE academics also have priority in government work. In fact, it is also useful during the selection of the NDA interview.

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