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Learn Why Do We Yawn, Causes of Yawning, and How to Stop Yawning?

By Swagata SarkarSeptember 18, 2022
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What are the Treatments for Too Much Yawning?

We all yawn, and it is common to see people yawning, especially when sleepy. However, it can be embarrassing if we keep yawning while having a conversation because it is a sign of not giving respect to the person. Too much yawning isn't a good sign for health. In this situation, you need to connect with a doctor who can help you with the right treatment for this problem.

What is Yawning?

Yawning is a natural bodily reaction to fatigue or stress. An underlying medical issue can also be indicated by excessive yawning. However, this is less common. Researchers believe that when you yawn, you may express how you feel, such as whether you are weary, bored, or under mild stress. Some experts believe that yawning is a social skill that helps us demonstrate our ability to connect with others.

What are the Reasons for Yawning?

Your body's natural response to yawn regularly happens involuntarily, so you don't have to think about it. However, various factors have been identified by studies of yawing causes. If you are wondering about the yawning reason, many largely depend on the mood. Once you know what is yawning, then learn some reasons of yawning.

  • Change in Elevation

You might be yawning on purpose or as a reflex from your body if you're in a plane or driving at different altitudes. Your body is balancing the pressure in your ear by doing this.

  • Sleep Issues

Another major reason why do we yawn is fatigue or exhaustion, which are quite frequent. People may yawn more frequently than normal if they are experiencing trouble obtaining enough sleep. People should get medical assistance from their doctor if they consistently feel tired or sleepy during the day or have a sleep condition.

A person's lack of awareness of their sleep issues is possible. For instance, a person with obstructive sleep apnea might not exhibit obvious waking symptoms, but the condition impacts the quality of their sleep and might make them feel weary all day.

  • Anxiety

Yawning is frequently brought on by anxiety. The heart, respiratory system, and energy levels are all impacted by anxiety. These can result in shortness of breath, yawning, and tension. A person may yawn more frequently than others or when they are not feeling as worried if they are experiencing a lot of anxiety.

Although anxiety-related yawning frequently gets worse as one becomes more stressed, it can occasionally occur for no apparent reason.

  • Heart Problems

Excessive yawning is related to vague nerves running from the bottom of the brain to the heart and stomach. Other heart problems causing pain in the chest are nausea and shortness of breath. All of these are related to yawning reasons.

Benefits of Yawning

Yes! There are benefits of yawning that you may not be aware of it. Despite its spreading nature, yawning is typically considered a sign of lethargy, boredom, and exhaustion and is discouraged in most social contexts. But have you ever considered that yawning could positively affect your health?

  • Shows the Sign of Love

In a study done in 2011 by American researchers, 23 chimpanzees watched movies of people yawning both that they were familiar with and were not. It was found that the chimpanzees yawned more when they saw people they knew yawn than when they saw strangers.

  • Increases Blood Circulation

Researchers discovered that yawning cools the brain to promote arousal and mental performance. It also boosts blood flow. One of the yawn facts is that it can boost blood flow to the brain; yawning may have effects similar to caffeine in terms of stimulating the nervous system.

  • Gives Relief From Ear Block

Sometimes we feel discomfort in the ear and have hearing problems. According to many studies, yawning acts as the ear's defense mechanism when a high altitude changes.  By yawing, there is an equalizing of air pressure in the ears.

Steps to Stop Yawn and Create Embarrassing Situation

If you are wondering how to stop yawning so much, there are some ways to ensure you don't end up creating embarrassing situations. The source of excessive yawning determines how to stop it. For instance, if some medications are causing you to yawn, your doctor may probably suggest alternatives. Doctors will advise a breathing device if you cannot stop yawning due to a sleep disorder.

If you're in good health but still yawning frequently, you may benefit from making some lifestyle adjustments. This entails engaging in regular exercise, lowering your stress level, and, of course, maintaining a regular sleep schedule that allows you to get eight hours of sleep each night.

Some Other Ways on How to Stop Yawning So Much:

  • Lowering Down the Temperature

Your desire to yawn and breathe in the chilly air will certainly decrease by lowering your body temperature. According to a 2019 study, those who wore a cold pack on their neck for the same time yawned three times less frequently than those who used a heating pad. So make sure to turn the heat down or open a window.

  • Drinking Something Cold

Yawning might result from exhaustion brought on by dehydration. If you are tired and yawning, get some water or juice with you if you don't feel well-rested and have a crucial meeting. It will also help to consume something cold to bring down body temperature.

  • Deep Breathing Exercise

Although it might seem apparent, consider inhaling through your nose instead of opening your mouth when you yawn. According to Dr. Robert R. Provine, in a conversation with The Healthy, "a yawn entails a protracted intake and quick exhale with gaping jaws." You cannot fully yawn if your lips are tightly closed.

How Can Stop Too Much Yawning?

Learn Why Do We Yawn, and How to Stop Yawning?


Although little understood, yawning is a common reaction in most people. However, you should see your doctor if you yawn excessively without apparent cause to rule out any abnormalities. This will help you overcome too much yawning, which can also benefit a healthy lifestyle.